theory11 update : White Centurions + A Confession

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. ANDREI DOING JACKSON 5????????? Excuse me, I have to go faint.
  2. Why should we care about a video that advertises something WE CAN'T BUY?! T11 has done an excellent job at disappointing loyal customers. I'm logging off. I'm too mad.
  3. the white cents preview was pretty schweet but i am kindo of mad
  4. I feel your pain.....I was gonna give one to my friend as an early birthday present....

    Damn, I'm never using gift cards again on insane releases like this.
  5. This whole situation is making me cry..
  6. Congratulations to those of you who were able to grab a deck or two this week. For those of you who missed it, there will be another release window of 100 decks next Friday at 11pm EST. Obviously (with now less than 1,000 decks) we can't do too many more of these, but this will provide those who missed out tonight another chance this time next week.
  7. schweet hopefully no lag
  8. Or those who got some tonight the chance to get more...or the people who got a deck for free to get more...
  9. Niice, hopefully my little credit card problem will be gone by then.
    *crosses fingers*
  10. I don't understand why so many people are getting so mad. They are a deck of cards. I'd be kinda bummed out if I didn't get one, but there's no point to getting angry.

    Before saying that I'm only saying this because I got one and I'd be saying something different if I didn't get one....I've been through other limited releases before on things that to me, are a LOT more important than cards. I know how it feels, especially for those that wanted the decks more than me.
  11. If there are enough people logging in to get them, I can guarantee there will be lag. Even those that got some had lag.
  12. so you guys think it'll be easier ? or harder ? on the next release?
  13. A deck or two? How about six or 12?

    If there's now less than 1,000 decks, set up some limits so you can decrease the number of disappointed customers. This promotion has been a colossal disappointment.
  14. White Centurions

    Come on now, I was sitting right on top of the buy button as soon as the White Centurion window poped up. And they were sold out already. come On
  15. I hope it will be easier, there were close to 200 or more people on the site, and less than half got a deck.

    lol, I even saw Justin Miller sign on probably to get 1.
    I don't know why, I just thought that it was funny he had buy 1 just like everyone else.
  16. T11, why can't you just release all the cards you plan on selling at once or at maximum twice? Why do you have to over hype these cards and do these dumb realese windows with only 100?
  17. EDIT:(collided thread)
    I know your upset, but there's really no reason to make another thread about it.
    At least there will be another release window though.
    Better luck next week!
  18. Well ain't that just annoyin'. I stayed awake until 3:40am and fell asleep to wake up an hour and 25 minutes later.

    Damn this whole time zone flux space and time thing. :mad:

    - Sean
  19. Yeah, I feel bad for you guys with different time zones.
    Maybe T11 will have an early release like they did with the Brown Wynns so you guys don't have to stay up too late.
  20. I'm not counting on it - Ah well, another chance next Friday it seems.

    Now to get some proper sleep. G'night folkeroonies.

    - Sean
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