theory11 update : White Centurions + A Confession

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Hmm if 100 were sold tonight then there still are 900 left. When those are gone then there will be a new release of them in future months, then some in Saturday night contests until second editions come out.
  2. Hi bayme.

    Plese give me one more chance !
  3. You have more than 2 months to get them again.
  4. LOL Sean! Bahaha :p Nice man...

    Look, honestly... I don't really care that I didn't get one, but the amount of whining and moaning here is almost enough to make me care, I mean, honestly... Ok, so as a promotion, I agree it could've been handled better in some aspects - but they still are just a deck of cards. They're valuable and will be cool to get your hands on some, I totally get that - but yeah, I mean, at the end of the day - Meh.
  5. who among you guys clicked the buy button at exactly 11pm but still didnt managed to get one???

  6. That wouldnt make sense. Shipping is so expensive. Shipping to the UK, for instance, is approx $30 via priority mail. Then I would have to pay $5 a deck and pay $30 shipping?
    You have to take into account everyone else, not just the people in the US.
  7. Um, the page for the cards didn't come up until 11:06
  8. So, because you live outside of the U.S., you should get to buy 12 just so shipping is reasonable, and deprive those decks from other fans, no matter where they live? How is that fair?

    You have to take into account everyone else, not just the people outside the U.S.
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    This situation is getting uglier and uglier. Is anyone else bothered by a Theory 11 artist taking advantage of a company promotion?

    In Jikh's defense, he has added a deck of brown Wynns to the lot, so there is additional value. But to put these up for auction, after T11 trumpets how they were sold out in less than 60 seconds, is classless. I'm also basing this on the assumption that other forum users have verified that Jikh is the seller.

    I understand these cards are rare. T11 made them, it gets to decide what to do with them. We all knew that there would be a limited release window, and that there would be a high demand on these cards.

    But when a member of the company's staff puts a deck of these up for auction to the highest bidder, it makes it look like T11 manufactures its own case of rarity in order to get the most money from each of these decks. And get this: At $15.50, the reserve has not yet been met. It's downright sleazy, and it adds further disappointment to customers who weren't lucky enough to order in less than 60 seconds.

    A lot of T11 customers were disappointed last night. Seeing a T11 artist try to get top dollar (if the eBay seller is indeed Jikh) compounds that disappointment and destroys a lot of good feelings customers had about the company.
  10. Heh, I hope there's another release window after this, I just found out I'm not gonna be able to make next Friday's 'cause it's too early.

    Ain't that a stinker? :p

    - Sean
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    Woah there, slow your horses, this isn't a big deal. This isn't a Theory11 sponsored auction, it's something I'm personally doing with the consent of T11 however not for the company's profit. I am indeed the ebay seller and no where in the page does it hide the fact that it is me. I am simply giving a chance to those who have missed an opportunity on getting one of these rare decks. I'm also providing a free choice of Brown Wynns/ Las Vegas Club Specials, and on that note, no one is forcing anybody to buy anything. It's simply up to the people who want to add something rare to their collection.

    -Andrei Jikh
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  13. Just another custom USPC deck.. theyre not rare, brown wynns arent either, neither are jerrys. listen to a true collector and card enthusiast.!!!!
  14. The man behind me with a tazer and whip says otherwise. :(

    - Sean
  15. While Andrei is an artist, he is not a theory11 staff member and as such is free to do as he wishes with the deck. This is not an auction officiated or associated with theory11.
  16. Jon, check ya PM's brotha!
  17. Maybe it would be better if his auction contact information was something other than
  18. Yep, I changed the description; however, ebay isn't letting me modify the first original paragraph. I added the email statement down below.

    -Andrei Jikh
  19. Andrei, you'll make some serious green selling that deck, its been up for like a day and its already at 30 bucks.

    I don't suppose you'll be putting up any of your Las Vegas Club decks, I'd like to get my hands on one without spending a fortune on White Cents.
  20. I really have no plans to sell any other deck like the Las Vegas Club Special because they are...let's face it....special. :p They are worth a fortune but I will not be separately selling them, sorry.

    -Andrei Jikh
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