theory11 update : White Centurions + A Confession

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. I'm not seeing this "confessions of an artist" link in the flash slideshow...?
  2. Don't see it in the slides. Can you post a link?

  3. I tryed to get some but failed ...:(
    Why dosn't T11 just release like 500 at once?
  4. No new 1 on 1, yet either...

    When I finally got the page playing card loaded, they were sold out...

    oh well......

    As i said, I'm assuming this is the mystery thing. I don't see any new 1-on-1s though. hmm... oh well... i'm sure I'll see it in a few
  6. GUYS!!!!

    I'm sure there will be a second release window soon.

    On the other hand.....I GOT 3, HA.....HA......ha

    Sorry, I had to :)
  7. I gotta say that might have been the most intense 5 minutes ever...

    nah just kidding.

    congrats to everyone who was able to buy the decks!
  8. There will be no 1on1 tonight.
  9. Uggghhhh, can't see Andrei's vid!!!
  10. Not sure if I should open mine up now...

    I want to know how they feel but I only have one. :S

  11. Well, in my opinion, a deck of cards was meant to be played with. After all it is only 52 pieces of cardboard.

    By the way, is anyone else having trouble viewing the new videos?
  12. Where is andrei's vid? And how the hell did oyu guys have a free deck??
  13. You should listen to the podcast update thing again. They said there would be no new 1-on-1 tonight, and that's why they released centurions.
  14. it was so laggy andnothing would load so i was late for the centurians :(
  15. Can somebody fix andrei's vid?!! Its been like 45 minutes, I really want to see it!!!
  16. Haven't we been over this before? Theory11 was playing favorites and gave some people free decks.

    Sorry if I seem bitter, but they were freaking IN MY CART! By checkout, they were gone. I was filled with false hope, and then crushed. SO CLOSE!!!
  17. Didn't they say they were releasing something else? "That was free and we didn't have to pay for" or something? What was it? (All I noticed, was a vid from Danny Garcia, was that it? If it was, that's still awesome)
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    The Andrei Jikh preview video for the white Centurions is up: Check it out -- it is off the proverbial hizzle. The preview vid is also in the Media section, so one can catch it there.

    Also, for those having trouble seeing the updated "Confessions of an Artist" graph on the main page, be sure to clear your cache. That should do the trick -- and, alternatively, you can directly check out the Confessions category in the Media section.

  19. its working now, its not bad, it just didnt seem like an andrei vid for some reason
  20. lol what the hell? did you even read my post? You didn't even come close to the same ballpark as my question. Dude. Learn to read?
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