theory11's Five New Releases?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Louischarge, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Okay after thinking about I can say that three out of the five releases are probably going to be Rebels (confirmed), regeneration, and rebel uncut sheets!
  2. I hope that Monument will come out this Friday. I cant wait for it :)
  3. Wow....I can't wait!
  4. So two confirmed rebel, silver monarchs :D
  5. and regeneration was confirmed as well awhile back!
  6. No possible way. Zach Mueller is a good friend of mine and we were talking about this recently. Think about it. They JUST finished filming. There is A LOT to edit. Don'T expect it for a while.


    PS yes my name is zach too hahah
  7. Confirmed,


    Silver Monarchs


    Archive (Not sure if it is considered a "release" per say)
  8. Are the silver monarchs going to be limited?
  9. So excited! Friday is going to be EPIC.
  10. I bet David Blaine's new cards, White Lions in Red will be released as well :)
  11. That would be the best thing ever!!!
  12. My guess: Regeneration, Rebels, Silver Monarchs, The Archive and a download... My guess is something awesome from Mathieu Bich.
  13. So far we know about the Rebels, Silver Monarchs, Regeneration, and the Archive. And remember, Zach said that we will never guess something else that is being released, so let's guess outside the box. It has to be something secret they have not hinted at at all. Maybe a project/DVD from Mathieu Bich?
  14. ive just re-watched the last 3 episodes of expose so im almost certain now that the five releases are; the archive (whatever it actually is), regeneration, charity water sale, rebels and silver monarchs. So excited.
  15. This is both true and un-true at the same time.
  16. I really can't wait, sucks about UK delivery prices tho :(
  17. I only see the charity decks are 5 dollars, White Monarchs, Rebels, and Blake's effect. What is the other release?

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