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    I have done my research and study on the system. Know of several methods for purchase to perform this effect.
    I wanted to know if anyone here recommended any of the ones available in the market today, and why you recommend it?

    I know that Jim Steinmeyer's "Hospitality" is a favored one among many magicians. The only issue i have is that Hospitality is poured out of a milk carton, for my show, i would not want to use a milk carton. Does anyone here know if it may be adjusted to other pouring devices.

    Also, lastly. Does anyone know of a method of Think A Drink, where every single drink poured may be tasted? If so, is it available? As well as Hoffman's version? Is it available?

    Thanks in advance to everyone.
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    This thread is probably going to fly over about 15/16 of the member’s head here. May I suggest you ask the Cafe?
    If I am not mistaken Think a Drink was a mentalism effect using force cards, I do believe they have a version buried in the library at The Learned Pig Project site.

    David Charvet has created a version, so I am sure the principle behind the original Steinmeyer effect maybe applied to other containers.

    Now an alternate that I am just throwing out is to use powdered dyes in the bottoms of the cups to make the liquid resemble certain drinks. You set the clear cups down on a tray and while cleaning up. You or your assistant switches out the entire tray with the faux drinks via a shelf or hidden place behind your table and then hand out the drinks for consumption. Personally I feel this may be a better method because you may pour as many or as little as you want. Hope this helps.

    Wandering wolf,

  3. Charvet's version used a gimmick? I thought it only needed to pour 4 or 5 drinks, since he was able to pre-show which drinks would be selected... but I guess I was wrong.
  4. Thanks guys for your input.


    You mentioned your alternative with the dyes. It is something i had considered for quite sometime as you can visibly pour water and see as it enters the cup it changes into the drink.
    I have been doing research on this effect for quite sometime as i soon want to enter it into my full show.

    However, the audience tasting the drinks, is a pure must for me.

    I saw this video of Hoffman performing it. Now Hoffman's method is not published i believe as he did not want anyone to know how he did it. However in his method, he could pour clear water (What was told, i dont know if it was water of course) into clear cups, and as soon as it contacted the cups, it changed into the Drink... the killer was they could then be tasted by audience members.

    Now i dont want to cause exposure and do not want methods to be shouted out by others but if anyone knows of a method similar to the video below of Hoffman, i would truly appreciate any kind of information on it.

    This is a link to an old performance of Hoffman's on a TV show some time ago...
  5. Okay I am going to carry on this conversation via pm out of courtesy for Hoffman, but for anyone who is looking for something similar to this effect, I invite you to turn to page 181 of Jim Steinmeyer's book, "Magic of Alan Wakeling"
  6. And yes you could use another pouring device but in my personal opinion I like the milk carton at the end because everyone is thinking gimmick then you just rip it up and tear into pieces and give them away. Awesome illusion and genius design
  7. I'm sure it was not necessary to reply to make an account just for that reply, to a thread that is 4 years old.
  8. You can taste all 8 beverages

    With JIM hospitality illusion you can have a spectator for each drink and verify that the contents are what you say they are ranging from. Milk , strawberry milk, cola, orange juice , Beer , etc and each one is the real thing . ThE cool thing about paper milk carton is at the end of the illusion you can prove its not a gimmick by having a spectator tear it to pieces . Just wanted to let the record be known and to let anyone here know I have this illusion and I'm willing to sell for less then the MSRP WHICH I BELIEVE some sites charge $575 plus shipping $40
  9. I didn't! And to anyone in the future that reads this that's why I made a reply! Why did you have to flame this thread?
  10. And why hasn't this exposure been deleted I'm sure Jim Steinmeyer wouldn't appreciate this post

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