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"This is the FIVE ahead principle."

Jul 2, 2008
SO. The past month has been an incredible month for moi.

To begin, I had a great time at the local magic shop's huge, huge sale (in Toronto if anybody is wondering where.) I picked up things like, an entire bag of thumbtips of all sizes and qualities, for a dollar. I also got the entire Gambling Protection Series, each VHS for only 4$ each. Great time!

Then, Danny Garcia's lecture, which was a real pleasure. An absolutely hilarious lecture with lots of great material- I especially loved his recreation of him seeing two people trying Warning for the first time- hilarious!

THEN, on the 23rd, was a double header lecture; Norman Beck, a magician from Texas who doesn't lecture much, and the almighty John Carney. Beck fooled everyone in the room with card locations and other various things with unorthodox methods- catching most people off guard. He even gave me a free set of lecture notes because he kept calling me up for tricks.

John Carney's lecture was incredible- his coin routine to begin was was absolutely incredible. My favorite line, "You all know the one ahead principle, right? Well, this is called the five ahead principle!" And produces five coins palmed in his left hand. He also did this bare hand, no sleeves, no gimmicks, coin vanish that made my jaw drop. His cigar routine was also very cool.

All in all, this month has been great. I'm currently working on the One Handed Bottom deal, shown (and which fooled me) to me by Norman Beck. I'm also working on that coin vanish.


Jun 1, 2009
Sounds Like you had a really great time, congrates on getting to see all the lectures. No one comes to my area (Little old franklin, tennessee).
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