This makes me want to quit.

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  1. Well the routine doesn't have to make sense, but the context does. Take Gypsy thread for example. What is the reason the thread ends up as one big piece at the end of the routine? well there technically isn't a reason. But if you can come up with a damn good presentation for it, then people generally won't wonder about the How and the Why. They'll be entertained by the big picture.
  2. ^ Thats where the older style of magic comes into play. A "visual" magician, like Dan or Dave would say "Heres a thread, I'm gonna cut it up, and put it back together" The spectator would be like hmm I wonder how he did that, I'm gonna ask him to do it again so maybe I can figure it out. Because they arent really fooled, they know you're just slick with the digits. But an "Old-school" magician would interweave intricate patter and presentational motivation to create a small miracle. <-- And thats when you start to really evoke emotions.
  3. You've just revealed the real secret to magic.
  4. since when was that a secret? Isn't this a core fundamental of what magic is?
  5. I was hoping that if I called it a "secret" more people would pay attention to it. I see too many performances and effects that ignore what should be a core fundamental.
  6. I understand where you're coming from. It really is a shame what's happening.
  7. It WAS a core fundamental.
  8. Im glad that some people over here know whats good.
  9. I agree... A lot of the card magic videos that I have seen fool the crap out of me, but the most entertaining magic video that I've seen lately was a thumb tip trick that didn't really fool me. It was, however, entertaining.
  10. Exactly. Honestly Ive seen shows that are adverstised as magic and in about 30 minutes the magician did about 1 trick and the crowd flipped out and gave a standing O. Its presentation that makes the show.
  11. I love sleight of hand more than magic but I perform a lot and I'd like to have a better performance style. so I fool around with a lot of visual stuff but I mostly just like them for the moves
  12. Um, is that card through glass a joke?

  13. I sort of agree. I dont like visual card magic (especially clipshift) b/c it puts performer u for being caught. ive tried the clipshift in performance and lets just say its pretty obvious to spectators whats going on (finger movement). I completely agree with aaron fisher. use only 20-30 % of skill. save the technical stuff for performing in front of other "magicians"
  14. What, you never perform for people looking over your shoulder? :D
  15. I sat my cat on my shoulder and did it for her. She wasn't impressed.

  16. Hmm.. Perhaps you should try using it when that one guy wants to stand behind you like a jerk..
  17. ^ but what to do with all the other ones in front?
  18. @unknown magician- The spectators in front of you are just the unfortunate casualties in the war on classic magic; V1sUall MagiK RulZ.

  19. ^ or so some would have us believe
  20. *cough* chad nelson *cough*

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