This makes me want to quit.

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  1. * this isnt a bash on Chad himself, but more or less on the "revolution" of magic that has been occuring for the past few years.

    Here is a trailer for Chad Nelson's new DVD:

    I watched this and was like... :(

    It seems like all anyone is concerned with in todays world of magic is creating something new, no matter how absurd the move may be. What in the world is that snap change wrist kill move chad does? Do that live and I'll do a DL, 1000$ says i get a better reaction. All people are interested in (or so it seems) is to make a quick buck off of an idea that they practiced for a few days so they could put it on film, and then they never practice it anymore, because it's served it's purpose, it got everyone online to "ooo" and "ahh". Mission accomplished.

    I watched all the moves in this trailer and I wondered who in their right mind would attempt to perform this stuff for a spectator? Most of it seems entirely unmotivated and pointless.

    ( I have a selection sticking out above two kings, so I think I'll lose that card so I can make it pop out between these two kings that are still in the deck. Huh?)

    Not to mention, doing so much finger work is just asking to get caught. Im with Fisher when he says "in live performances, you should use about 20-30% of your maximum ability."

    All the magicians of today (and yesterday) claim that Youtube is ruining magic. Magicians complain that all people care about is creating a "new" concept so they can take 50 tries to get it on YT and get a few magic buddies to comment on it. Even with this "go.out.perform" mentality that everyone is preaching, the new material on the market seems to me that it is made especially for YT, so some adolescents can buy the DVD, practice for an hour, and brag that they can do a new trick.

    Maybe I'm the only one that still thinks so, but these focus on "visual" magic really preterbs me, and honestly makes me not want to associate myself with the title "magician" anymore.
  2. Completely understand and agree mate. But you should realise, what everyone claims, and what everyone does, are usually two entirely separate things.

    I won't say much more on this, I've said plenty in the past (for one, I think the Clipshift is 90% a useless piece of junk) - but my advice would just be to keep doing what you're doing, and be better than the rest. Let everyone do tricks, while you weave magic - even if the word becomes meaningless.
  3. I like this a lot.
  4. Maybe not quit, but take a break from the magic community? It helped a lot for me, it also cured my "I have to buy the next newest thing" syndrome.

  5. I almost quit magic when I saw RIOT !

    It's sad that a lot of stupid tricks are published, but even sadder is the fact that some people actualy buy this crap and try to perform it.

    PS: You can use a DL not just againts RIOT or Chad`s move. You can compete with almost 80% of the "new magic tricks"
  6. That's an interesting quote. I agree with that philosophy as well. Where/when did you see/hear Mr. Fisher say this?
  7. ^^It was at his online lecture at the magicsession a few weeks ago.

    @ Prae- I agree with you 100%. I've tried to preach about focusing on the masters of the past and what really matters, but few listen. I guess it's time to just make my own path and not worry about everyone else's cravings for "vizual magiks'

    @ keosilver- I'm not too active anymore but I understand where you're coming from. I involve myself with the forums, but it has been over 2 years since I bought any new products. I'm content with Erdnase, Vernon, Jennings, etc.
  8. Good good, lots of stuff to keep you busy for a long while in them. ^^
  9. Old fashioned card magic and table work are slowly dying off. What a shame.
  10. Nah, I wouldnt say that. It is just something you have to look harder for to actually see.
    Its like that old saying, "you cant see the woods because of all the trees in the way". Good magic gets hidden behind new(not always bad) magic. Those who really desire to, will be able to practice good ol' card magic :)
  11. Well I guess Im the only one that likes both styles
    Personally I prefer to do table stuff but I definitely enjoy watching both styles
  12. Yeah I enjoy watching the stuff that people can come up with, because it's insanely creative. Not to mention I am a flourish lover. But when it comes to the "real work" the new stuff cant compare to the old.
  13. You could say the same with any art form. Magic, whether you want to or not, is trying to innovate, be it visual or presentational. The old stuff is great, but you forget how many new things are just as wonderful. It is up to you, as the "magician", to make what you learn magic.
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    I think it comes down to 'magic for magicians' vs 'magic for the rest of the world.' It seems to me that too many people are concerned with making a youtube video and wowing their magician friends, rather than entertaining real people. Too often magicians think that a great method outweighs a mediocre effect or impractical trick.

    Innovation for its own sake isn't always a good thing. The sandwich effect in the video is innovative, but I think there are stronger, more practical ones already published. This one plays smaller, seems to be more difficult, is harder to see, and there's a motion just before the sandwiching that I think may tip off the spectators that you 'did something.'

    There's still solid, commercial, usable stuff being released. But there's also more 'magician's magic' being released than ever.

    What got me was the inconsistent capitalization (the title should be capitalized) and the spelling error on the web page (comercial - two m's)
  15. This is exactly the reason I love Sankey's material!

    Although his tricks may not be "magician killers" (there are a few exceptions), most all of them play AMAZINGLY GREAT in REAL WORLD CONDITIONS!!!
  16. ^ I agree but my flaw here is that I dont particularly feel like paying for a new product each and every time I want a new trick. What I mean is sankey usually releases stuff individually, as 1 trick at a time, instead of like a book that includes alot of different items.
  17. He does have some like that, but those are his major tricks like holy moly, in a flash, bigger finish etc. Yeah, you do in a sense only pay for one trick, but I look at it this way....You usually get a wealth of information, including every tiny detail you would need to know about the trick, ideas to expand on it, and through the whole DVD it is likely that you are laughing because sankey is hilarious.

    Take in consideration, though, that he has ALOT of DVD's with well over 10-15 tricks
  18. Dying how? If you mean that a lot of teenagers are no longer interested in classics and direct plots. Then yes, to them it's "dying"

    But the classics of magic will always still entertain and fool most lay people. Aaron Fisher is right though. You shouldn't have to use 100% of your skill if you are working as an entertainer. You want just enough to entertain them.
  19. That's what I mean.
  20. clipshift... useless??

    the clipshift is my most used and undetecable sleight. if you dont like it, its because your not too good at it.

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