ThreeFry and what coins?

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  1. Okay so I wanted to learn some coin magic and decide to pick up ThreeFry because it teaches basic sleights for coin magicans. And the fact my parents got tried of listing the cards springing over and over again.

    On ThreeFry I use quaters because I don't have sliver dollars. Is it okay to use quaters because Chris says to use silver dollars because it easier? Note that I don't have the biggest hand out there maybe a medium size hand. What coins to yall use when praticing ThreeFry?
  2. I don't do ThreeFry, but it can be easier to do sleights with bigger coins. Also, bigger coins are more visible to the audience. But really, if you can't get your hands on any bigger coins, just use what you have. It's not gonna make or brake it either way. Just use what you want.
  3. Thanks Scarecrow1

    It is possible to get half dollars or sliver dollars at a bank?
  4. Yea, I'm pretty sure you can (at least half dollars).
  5. i love ThreeFry, its great with 3Fly. I use Silver Dollars, Eisenhowers cause i misplaced my Morgans :(. Yes it is possible with smaller coins, Quarters are pushing it though. Half Dollars work just as well and might fit you better depending on hand size. The benefit to Silver Dollars is the size and visibility to the audience as well as the impact coins of that size disappearing and reappearing make, and they benefit me because they fit in my hands perfectly so palms look more natural. But you will have to experiment and play around with that. As for half dollars, you can pick them up at a bank, they will mostly be newer kennedy's, always ask for 64's though just in case. You could also buy some Walking Liberties or Barber's if you get more coin magic, they are beautiful coins and add some flavor, but they are by no means necessary. All in all i'd go with half dollars or larger but thats up to you. You could also try the new dollar coins, they are about the size of half dollars and the gold is very shiny. Poker chips are also workable.

    side note- the reason 64 kennedy's are better than the new ones is it was the last year they were made with almost 100% real silver, not the water downed alloys they use now and they shine like crazy. Like i said before, not neccessary but a nice touch.
  6. I would agree that quarters are a bit on the small side. The new gold dollars are a little bigger - and look like gold - so they are a bit different. You should be able to get Kennedy halfs at a bank for free (meaning face value), and some may have Eisenhower dollars (which are the same size as the silver dollars). You can get eisenhowers at a coin shop for $1.10 or $1.25 if your bank doesn't have them.
    I would reccomend getting some halfs and dollars to see what works for your hands. Even if the eisenhowers feel too big to palm naturally, practicing with them will make working with smaller coins easier in the long run (assuming that you are using proper technique).

    Don't worry about silver coins unless you find that you really enjoy coin work. No bank in their right mind will give you the 64 kennedys because they are worth $7 or $8 just for melting. Silvers have been out of circulation for so long (35 years) that banks don't get then anyhow.

    I have found that silvers make much less noise, and palm a little easier than the alloy coins, but mostly they just look cool. You can expect to spend about $7 a piece for half dollars and about $15 a piece for dollars. This is assuming that you are asking for "culls" when you talk to the coin shop guy. Coins of specific dates or that still have all the detailing can go for several hundred. The price varies with the value of silver, so it changes week to week.
  7. Thanks guys with all of your help. I try to pick up half dollars and possible some 64's. Wait I think my mom has some half dollars I ask her.

    One more question(will people who use these coins) People in mexico how does coins form there work for your coin magic? I'm going over there soon and pick them up.
  8. the mexican centavo's are great for copper/silver routines as they are very similar in size to american half dollars. definitely pick a few of them up as they are cheap as heck and work nicely. just in case the same can be said about english pennies so if you ever across the pond look for them too
  9. Cool then I pick some up when I go over there. Will use centavos because the banks I went to don't have half dollars.

    jrobarts05 I send you a pm.

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