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  1. Recently, I was introduced to Tinychat...a place where fellow magicians get together and have a virtual jam session.

    I have seen the chat room with as much as 16 people at once, all the way down to 2 people. Regardless of how many people are on, the chats are always interesting and I see a lot of fresh talent displaying their skill for all of us to see.

    What I would like to do is help make this grow. I know in the past, Justin Miller hosted this and had a pretty good following. I want to create a scheduled time for all to join in and discuss magic. I want specific chat topics each week. I want special guests to come in and give us a mini-lecture about a specific topic.

    I would like to know all who would be willing to be a part of this...I know we have Tinychat.com/Tally-ho as a metting place...but how many would actually want to see something get organized?

    I am willing to put in the time and effort to run this whole thing, because I love performing, talking about, living, breathing magic just as much as the next guy.
    But I would like to know that any time put into this would be worth it!

  2. well you've seen me in there, you know I'm in.

  3. I had a REALLY great time with you Mike at tinychat.com a few days ago. I also liked that Jeff Prace was there and gave us a little performance. I was there for about two hours and had a lot of fun. It could also really be a learning experience for people so I guess I'm up for this.
  4. Im in aswell there are other gud tinychat ones there tinychat.com/cards and the one on maydey.com....cards get the most in my opinion
  5. I'm totally in, I try and go on when i can but having it organized would be GREAT.
  6. I'm in! I'm looking forward to this.
  7. That would be pretty cool.

    Mike, Full support bud!
  8. Sounds cool im in. Thanks for chattin with me last time your 5 card snap change was pretty good haha

  9. i am in, even though i am on the chat daily.
    A mini lecture or performances or maybe even a battle, would be great.
    I met loads of people, had fun and also learnt alot.
    Also, a banner some where on the site which leads into tinychat.com/tally-ho would be great!

    EDIT: Because theory11 is international, how about finding a time which suits every body, i mean i will be on till late but others wont.
  10. Mike, this is a great idea. Not only would it increase the popularity and productivity of the chats, but it would also be cool to see a wider range of magic. I'd absolutely do it.

  11. after a few times of trying it out, i think that this tinychat thing can really be pushed forward.And besides its really fun(once i saw Mike snap change a card into a DOG).ITs a place where people with passion can share ideas and do magic. but the few problems i can foresee is that, first the time zone problem some of live in asia, europe and other places, second the lagging problem on tinychat, third how can stop some revealers, magic exposers or"unpassionate"people to interupt the chat.

  12. I'd totally be down for this. The others are right, weekends would have to be priority and the international members would need different times, earlier for the US or really late for them.

    Just shout some times and see who all can make it, you definitely have support, and if you need help I'm sure more than one member would be willing to help.

    For the lectures and topics I think a question and answer would be nice, but easier if the questions were taken in advance. Start a thread here and wherever else (cafe, dnd...etc) and take the best questions and ask them instead of flooding the chat.
  13. Count me in!
    It would be nice to get this going again, i remember when our group came together every friday or saturday night and we just jammed. Talked about random life stuff and random magic stuff. Its a shame only me and Tally-Ho and occasionally even Draven or deamon and keokesilverfang. It was nice while the ride lasted and it would be awesome if it were to start again.

  14. dbmagic4 here, so you know im on often lol
  15. I've chatted with you in there before Mike. I'm in if you stop making fun of my messy room. ;)
  16. im in :)
    sounds like fun
  17. This is an awesome idea and I would definitely be willing to put the time in Mike.
  18. i'm game. i think the idea about scheduled topics is awesome.

    if you need my help organizing anything, let me know.
  19. the administrator can ban anyone who he sees fit.

    i banned a guy once for a sexual joke that none of us found funny and we though disrupted the discussion.
  20. Got an idea:

    How about a magic related quiz show. I was thinking contestants sign in into a tinychat room. Quizmaster askes questions involving history, sleight of hand and more. Winner gets a prize or bragging rights.

    I'd be happy to host it, but i wont mind if some one else does.

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