tips for making cardistry video beginner

Aug 19, 2012
hey guys i am going to make a cardistry video for the first time and i would like some tips in terms of camera work such as different shots and angles. i would also like some tips for performing the flourishes in front of the camera.

Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
Keep it simple. Let your cardistry be the star of the show, not the after-thought. Set up whatever camera you have, get some good lighting, and just do what you do in front of it. Cut it the way you want it, color it a little if you want, and put some cool music behind it. Don't worry too much about the cool, complicated things, mainly because you're a beginner, and when you try to do too much, it winds up looking like crap. (Talking from experience :))

Just keep it simple and if your cardistry is good, it'll look good.


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Oct 14, 2007
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When filming your flourishes make you sure you film them from different angles. For example you can set your camera up right in front of you and then you do all of your flourishes. Then you move the camera a bit (slightly angled to the side for example) and then you just repeat doing all of your flourishes. That way you can play around with the angles in the editing/post later on.
When you use music in your videos make sure you time your cuts in the edit with the music. Make sure your cuts always sit on a nice beat in your music track (have a look at the waveform of your music).

If you already know what music you wanna use, you can listen to it while you're filming your flourishes, helps with the flow of your moves.
Don't overdo the color correction. Just make it highlight your cards a bit. You can use some filmgrain and letter boxes if you want to go for a more cinematic look.

hope that helps a bit
If at all possible have someone else film you working. You don't need to worry about getting your face in every shot but you SHOULD avoid showing us your crotch*.

If you are going to use music pick something that complements what you are doing. Don't just put a music track on the video because you like the song, or because it's the first one that you have on your play list. listen to the track as you watch the video in play back and make sure it doesn't take anything away from what you are trying to present.

If you screw something up REFILM it! An easy mistake to make is to just use the bad footage anyways and it really takes the quality out of your final production. Since you're working with a camera you have the power to let the audience see anything you want them too; so may as well make it your best!

Best of luck to you! I hope you share the link to the video with us once it's done.

*Referencing the many MANY youtube videos of people doing card moves sitting at their desk with their webcam aimed down at the waist.
Feb 18, 2011
Please don't use Dubstep music...oh please.
Thats all I can say..every flourishing video out now has dubstep in it
then it shows like a scene of (or themselves) someone falling backwards in slow motion haha.
Just try to stay away from that ;)
Jan 8, 2010
Aha don't listen to Dalton! You need lot's of slow motion, reversed slow motion, dubstep and empty video panning scenery. A 20 second opening sequence of you opening the card box is always a good way to start as well.
Jan 22, 2012
You know I just posted a beginner cardistry video and I really did not use a lot of flashy flourishes just like springs and fans. I mostly payed attention to the cinematic side. Using the slow motions and different angles to the video more life. I also tried to challenge myself and make it different than other videos. Anyway here's a link if you want to see:
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