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  1. I have learned the move but i can't make that card 'dance' like what Andrei Jikh said in Genesis volume 1. I'm actually getting a little discouraged..
    Any tips on making it look better ? Like on how much your wrist should be tilting and stuffs.
  2. How long have you been practicing it? (the correct answer is not enough)

    In all seriousness, just keep practicing. Watch the video again. Follow every instruction to a T.

    Practice in a mirror.

    Most importantly... If you have a laptop with a camera... or any recording device... videotape yourself doing "Bullet". Wait a few days or so... record another one, wait a few days and record a third video, all of you just doing bullet three or four times or so. Practice everyday in between(obviously). Wait a few days and watch each clip in chronological order.

    You'll quickly realize it's a lot better than you think you're doing.

    The same thing happened with me, I didn't think I had enough 'flair' when doing bullet, but I just kept practicing.

    This method is actually what I use when learning any flourish.

    Hope I helped.
  3. Ditto. I did a few hundred bullets until it looked nice ;) .
  4. Alright, i'll heed your advice .
  5. The most important thing is to keep a LIGHT grip. Having a death grip makes for a really mechanical motion whereas bullet should be more fluid. In regards to tilting the wrist - it should barely move. It's a very subtle tilt that most overcompensate in an effort to make it more "twirly". Glide that card along the smooth surface of your index fingernail for more smoothness. Try to force yourself to do the move slowly while barely gripping the card at all, it should make a bit more sense. Speed will come with repetition. :)
  6. Thanks for the tip Andrei , really appreciate you replying to this :)
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    I think I have same problem as you buddy : /
    I can't make the card flick or pop. I only get silly turn over motion not the pop!
  8. Dude just keep practicing,nobody got it on their first try.Don't give up.

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