Top Shot practice?

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  1. Ok.

    How should you practice the L. Green Top Shot move?
    I can get the 'shot' part fine about 7-10 times, but it either flies too far, or bounces off my catching hand.
    Also, I have trouble controlling where it goes.

    So what I was wondering, does anyone know how to practice this move, how to gain more control over the card (slower speed perhaps?), and....yeah. any other tips would be great as well.
  2. If you practise the Cardini change, it would be a great practise. Once you mastered the cardini change, it will be easier to execute the top shot. When executing the top shot, don't let your pinky pull down like the cardini change. Instead, use it with pressure and pull your pinky all the way down. If it does not work out, you may have to experiment with different grips.
  3. Instead of pulling the little finger down like in ego/cardini change, try to extend it (if you hold the deck in the left hand, extend the pinky towards the right hand).
  4. The Cardini change is the one with the pinky finger right? (exposure? please edit)
  5. Just keep practricing before I perfected that move did it hundreds of times in a row and it started to just become second nature.
  6. Thanks, it's starting to click. :D

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