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  1. you are traveling on an around the world trip, you will perform for thousands of people, at the end after 1 or 2 years you will return with a different perspective of magic and life, you are hitchhiking though, you only have room for a little bit of UN-necessary things, you realize you only have space for one single magic book.

    which one is it?
    and why is it that particular one?
  2. so this is just a fancy way of putting yet another favorite book thread?
  3. no, im wondering what book you would chose if you were travelling, and why you would chose that book for that kinda of travell
  4. well, i would purchase a map/guide of the place that I am traveling to.
  5. lol yeah yeah I mean magic book ;)
  6. do E- Books ount?
  7. nope unless you print it off
  8. yet another useless thread thanks blahblah
  9. Umm........
    Probably Carneycopia, only because it's the beez kneez, and I've read every other book I have to buggery

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