Trick names getting out of hand?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Tumbleweed, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. The most irrelevant title I've seen for a trick is " Fallen". What in the world does a rising card have to do with the word Fallen. It even contradicts each other.

    Stigmata is actually the original name way before Wayne made it. And Stigmata is an appropriate title for the effect, but I see some very religious people getting offended.

    Digital Dissolve is a little off topic, but I guess who can say the Digitally changes into another coin. That's the best I've got.

    Kaos, is such a cliche. Sorry guys. This is just begging to sound cool.

    I like Deuce Bag way better than Witness, but it's obvious why they changed it.
  2. Digital Dissolve:

    Fingers are digits. This tricks happens at the finger tips, hence digital. Dissolve could refer to one coin dissolving into another.

    This is just speculation but it makes sense.

    You guys crack me up. Especially since most of you wouldn't buy a trick unless it has a cool, catchy name! :)

    Selling magic is a business like any other. It isn't a problem. People have to make a living. If you decide to make your living selling magic, what's wrong with that? It sure beats selling insurance. Why is selling magic for profit considered such a bad thing? As long as you care about what you are selling and strive to make it the best it can be, I don't see an issue with selling magic to make money. Let's face it, if Theory 11 weren't making money, we wouldn't have a forum to post on.

    That said, like any business, you have to market your product in a smart and interesting way.

    At the moment, cool sounding one word titles sell well. They sound "street" and "edgy". And that's what sells. We live in a culture of "cool". Nothing wrong with that. It's just where we are.

    I don't think any of the above titles sound "gory". Dramatic, maybe. But we are in an entertainment industry. And entertainment is all about drama.
  3. Actually if you think about the method used to created the effect for Indecent, it does in a way pertain to the name.

    If I remember correctly, the name came from the patter that the card isn't rising up, but the deck is falling down.
  4. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion... sounds a lot better than "Trick where the four kings appear in your pocket." PANIC! is a much more suitable name and it draws more attention to it...

    So what if it's marketing, this is a magic store. Deal with it.

  5. Not just tricks, flourishes!
  6. Thats the entire point, who are these people trying to impress here. you could give every trick in the world a number to identify it, you must admit if would be a far easier way to identify different tricks then say trying to remember these fancy names that all sound as blasé as the next one...
  7. is it just me or is this completely pointless. their are names of magic tricks, it doesnt matter what they are named. :mad:
  8. It's supposed to be ironic. How is over-dramatizing something bad? It's what magicians do with everything. It's called presentation. ;)

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