Tricks and Flourishes for Beginners

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  1. What are the best card tricks and flourishes for beginners to learn. Also, what are the best resources for learning them. Thanks
  2. I started in flourishing yesterday.
    I bought a dvd from penguin which is called showoff with cards
    It starts from beginner to advanced level and it is really easy to understand the moves.
    If you start in flourishing I wold suggest that you pick this one up, because it is worth every penny:D
  3. trilogy disk 3 has pretty basic stuff in it. I'm just saying because some people don't know anything outside theory11.
  4. For card tricks, start off with either Royal Road to Card Magic or Card College. You'll have a few months of practice material right there, from the two best beginner's card magic books around, period.

    For Flourishes, try Xtreme Beginners DVD, I don't know about Showoff with Cards, but you can also get The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes, possibly the most comprehensive out there.
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    For card magic, I strongly recommend Royal Road to Card Magic (personally in my opinion) or Card College Series which both can be buy in Dan and Dave Website

    For Flourishing, I recommend going through youtube for the basics of Revolution Cut, Sybil, and Charlier Cut. If you want a dvd, then the trilogy is the best opportunity because on the third disc, it will teach you the basics.
  6. i can't tell you about flourishes, i'm not that type...for tricks..anything jay sankey...anything brad christian....
  7. To start off with, you can do a LOT better than Sankey and Christian imho.
  8. I wouldn't recommend Showoff with Cards. Most of the things, even the simplest of things are taught wrong.

    I recommend investing on Xtreme Beginners. The quality of the teaching is much higher than Showoff with Cards, and a good basis for Flourishes. ;)
  9. I'd have to agree with everyone that where books are concerned, either Royal Road to Card Magic or Card College would be your best starting place. In terms of DVDs, I'd have to go with Crash Course (

    Choosing a book has it's advantages and disadvantages to a DVD. I personally would get Royal Road AND Crash Course, provided the money is there.
  10. The only problem I have with beginners and DVDs: go to YouTube, search Tivo. Look at all the 2000 videos. You know the difference between them? Nothing. They're all the same. Which is what happens when you mass produce DVDs for beginners.
  11. For tricks, definitely go out and get a copy of The Royal Road to Card Magic, book or DVD, doesn't really matter. I personally used the DVD. Also, another great DVD for beginners is Oz Pearlman's Born to Perform Card Magic. Both of those are great

    For flourishes, I can't really say much because I haven't really been much into flourishing, but Xtreme Beginnerz 1&2 by De'vo is pretty good
  12. I started With the LEthal from daniel madison its pretty ease but maybe get the dangerous dvd be beter this days...
    Has almost all the moves from lethal, is very ease to learn.
  13. Start with Roberto Giobbi's Card College Vol 1-5 or The Royal Road To Card Magic By Jean Hugard & Frederick Braue. But i would recommend Roberto Giobbi's Card College it's got everything in it including flourishes, these book are for both the beginner & the more experienced card magician. Also its has subjects on the psychology, misdirection & theory, which are just important to learn as the card-sleights themselves i feel especially misdirection. I hope this helps

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