Tricks with a kicker ending

Oct 25, 2008
You've just done a very impressive trick that made the spectators jaws drop to the floor. The skeptical heckler in the background is impressed, but not that impressed, because he thinks he saw a fishy move during the trick. "Impressive, but I caught you!", he thinks for himself. But then, just when everybody thought the trick was over, you show the last and final ending to the trick - the kicker ending. The reactions from the audience is overwhelming, as spectators screams, runs, jumps, faints, cries or just sits there absolutely paralyzed. They're so impressed and surprised that they don't know what to believe anymore. Even the skeptical heckler has to admit it: "He fooled me. He fooled me bad!". You've just done a trick that made you the super megastar of the evening, an unbelievable trick the spectators will talk about for weeks!

We all love those tricks, so I thought: "Why don't we share with each other some of the tricks with a kicker ending that we know of?" To me it's not important whether it's impromptu or non-impromptu. It can be an expensive trick or a cheap trick, a heavy gimmicked or un-gimmicked. It can be self-working or require heavy sleight of hand. It can be a trick best done at the dinner table with your girlfriend or on a stage in front of 100+ people. An old classic effect or a brand new. Cards, coins, ropes, sponges, napkins - you name it! It's all up to you!

To everyone contributing, please write down the resource, so that it'll be easier to find for those reading this thread. And also, a big thank you! :)

Here's a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

Easy Money by Jay Sankey (Amazing Tricks Everyone Can Do - vol. 1)
Fruit Cup by John Carney (Carneycopia)
NFW by Gary Freed (Can be bought at PenguinMagic)
Color Changing Deck by Ed Marlo (Can be found on Bill Malone's dvd's "Here I Go Again" or on "Malone Meets Marlo")
Pot Of Jam by James Brown (Still A Fancy Pot Of Jam)
Digital Conviction by B Smith aka Robert Smith
Cups and balls (Several versions out there)
Bill/card in kiwi/lemon (Several versions out there. I like Carl Cloutier's from "Bill in kiwi" and Bill Malone's versions from "On The Loose")
Jeopardy by Paul Green (Found on "In The Trenches")
Greed by Daniel Garcia
Be Honest - Where Is It? by Eddie Fechter (aka Two Card Monte, which can be found on Oz Pearlman's dvd "Born To Perform")
Encore by David Stone (The Real Secrets of Magic - vol. 2)


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
Twisted Sisters by John Bannon has a nice kicker when the audience doesn't think it gets any better than the transposition....duh duh hit them with, "It was a great thing that you two selected those two queens, because everything else is just a joker" KA POW The looks on their faces is priceless.
Sep 2, 2007
Houston, TX
I do a one coin routine and end with a jumbo coin. I showed 3 magicians last night and every one of them said they didn't even see the jumbo coin coming!
Jun 1, 2009
Doc Daley's last trick (several resources)
Finders Keepers by Dorian Rhodell (Avenue on Dan and Dave)
Blueprint by Chris Kenner (T11 download)
Invisible Reverse by Chris Kenner (T11 download)
Inversion effect (with performance adjustment, several resources)

Perform these regularly, I love "sucker punch" effects where once they let their guard down, you just hit them in the face with something amazing.

Sep 1, 2010
i like card to shoe (calen morelli version)
freedom pack by justin miller

those are the only kicker endings if my arsonal :)
Sep 10, 2008
Kostya's '4 the easy way', with ideas from BJ Bueno, from 'Card Work, Card Play', and disk 2 of the 'Roadrunner Cull'.

It's a beautiful effect, and my default.
Strong opener, strong closer, strong filler, FASDIU, literally no bad angles, audience involvement, introduces a 4 of a kind, and hits magicians as well.
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