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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Krash, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I just wanted to pose a quick question to those of you who have purchased Trilogy by DnD. Lately, I've been going through some dull pain in both of my wrists, but it's worse in the right hand.

    I'm starting to think that I need to learn some hand/find warm up techniques. I was thinking about buying Trilogy anyway, but since DnD are such avid cardists do they have a section in the DVD that covers warm up techniques?

    Shane K.
  2. I don't own it personally but i do know it has a section that has some hand exercises.

    I recently looked around online myself as i was also having pain in my hands and found this site, i believe some of these exercises can be found in 'Trilogy'.
  3. I have the trilogy And dave does teach I believe 4 excercises the last one is coordination.
  4. I also own a set of Chinese hand balls. You basically twirl two steel hallowed out balls with bells in them in your hand, and try not to get them to hit each other.

    Do you think those might help?

    Shane K.
  5. Yes, they have some FINGER EXERCISES section, very helpful :D buy this DVD man
  6. I love the finger excersises, especially the last one it really helps the blood to rush to your fingers in the morning if you need to get your hands on a deck of cards. Plus its fun to do
  7. If you're not putting any strain on your wrists, and they are just hurting, I would recommend getting them checked by your doctor.

    But for finger warmups and exercises, The Trilogy and are both great sources. :D

  8. If you have the Xtreme Beginnerz DVD there is a section in that for hand exercises by Greg Irwin.
  9. Which, I believe, are also covered on (at least some of them are) as it is Greg Irwin's website. So if you ONLY want hand warmuos and exercises, I would recommend going to

  10. Ah, thanks guys!

    I've been to the doctor once before regarding my wrists, and both my doctor and I agreed that I would need to start doing warmups before I do anything that requies dexterity. Some of the things I do throughout the day are play guitar, type on the computer, and practice sleights. So yeah, I'd pretty much be SOL if I couldn't use my hands.

    Shane K.

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