"Triplicate Fan" is now available!

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Brett Hurley, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. It's a triple one-handed fan. Put it in your hand today!

    The tutorial covers EVERY possible base for faster learning and success: over-the-shoulder video, beginner-friendly verbal explanation covering every nuance, all 3 fans covered individually.

    Put 'Triplicate Fan' in your inventory today!

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  2. The Puns are to reeeeealllll. Looks great, and insanely confusing, though I cant say I'm buying it (atm) because A) I'm not a catfish, B) I probably will never use it, and C) I need to save my money ;). Maybe some other time.

    P.S. doesn't your hand hurt from doing that? You sir have earned my respect (again).
  3. Does my hand hurt from Triplicate Fan?

    I will admit that I had a very rudimentary knowledge of fans before I dove headfirst into split fans.

    Despite that I was doing only one-handed stuff for almost 2 years, the way I had to move my hands in order to keep it all together; I definitely wasn't used to it. The hardest part was the third fan. Well, MAKING the fan isn't tough, but there is some finger stretching that makes it a bit of a challenge.

    Despite this, I have no doubt that 9/10 people who do go after it will have much better hand dexterity than I do.

    The flourish looks a bit confusing. But I spent a lot of time going over the move, fine tuning it, and scripting how to teach it in the easiest way possible. If you are tripped up on something, just shoot me a PM and we'll get it sorted out.
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