True Astonishments - Easter Eggs

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  1. No. Unless the Fizzmaster in TA is different from AoA. Fizzmaster is where someone shakes up a can and the fizz transfers to another can. It's also one of my favourite impromptu effects, but I liked it before it was cool :p

  2. Any idea what's the trick called and where can I find it?
  3. AOA Astonisment books: volume 2
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    On which page can I find it?

    Seems like its called Bottle Buster
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    So even though I started this thread and found and posted more than half the cookies myself, and compiled and wrote all the cookies notes myself, some guy named Ezekiel Jump is taking credit for all of it on the Paul Harris Presents site.

    It's not a huge deal, but it does sting a little that Paul liked my notes enough to put them up in his shop on the site but that someone else took all the credit for them when all they did was copy and paste my notes onto a scan of a TA case. :(

    Anyhow, I'm still getting a lot out of TA. The whole reason I discovered that someone else took the credit for my notes was I wanted to watch Fizzmaster again as that's one of my favorite cookies on the set.
  6. so are those the notes that Harris put on his site? just with this guy taking all the credit for it? or are your notes still elsewhere? Either way... that's horribe.
  7. The notes on Paul Harris's site are mine--the same ones I compiled and wrote in this thread--with some other guy taking the credit for them. :/
  8. That sucks... I prefer just copying and pasting yours to a document and printing off. I'm sure his compilation of your notes would suck up more ink than necessary!
  9. I emailed Janet about it and she was awesome as always and amended it on the Paul Harris Presents website here.

    I've been going through TA again recently and it's amazing how much good stuff is on this set.

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