True Astonishments - Easter Eggs

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  1. My thoughts exactly :)
  2. What is the easter egg that has those "TA" cards? (total acsess) Like what is it called i cant seemto find it. Also the one where the card jumps back to the deck what is that one called?
  3. I haven't seen all of TA so I can't answer the first, but the second question is Jeff's Jump, an easter egg on Disc 1.
  4. When i watch the Daniel Garcia it goes right into the that right?
  5. That's essentially it. It's a lot like the bunny Bill and Orange one. They just show the explanation.
  6. And which DVD had the bonus for the "total acsess" cards?
  7. I've been wondering the same thing. I have no idea what those total access cards are for!
  8. What about the folded card with the black strip over it.
  9. Is that a joke? I didnt get onee....
  10. They are for Bizarre Ad Shrink, an Easter Egg on Disc 5. They hint at it in the description, but they are not shown in the video.
  11. Anyone figure out what the half 4 of clubs wrapped in black thread is for.
  12. I havent looked at mine but if I am reading correctly I presume it is for the screwed deck effect!
  13. No the twisted jokers are used for the Screwed deck effect. The one I am talking about if a half card. As in its cut in half and has the 4 of clubs and wrapped in black thread or something.
  14. I don't actually own it, but when I bought some invisible thread a while back it came wrapped around the card. So, it may be the thread which is meant for a trick, not the card.

    Once again I don't own TA, just from past experiences of mine that's what happened,
  15. OK. After just getting up and checking my goody bag the card that is in question is used solely for the purpose of holding and storing your IT! That's all!
  16. Bizzare shrink, Disk 5
  17. invisible thread for "tensegritty"
  18. Has anyone else noticed that sometimes you have to click enter before the weird mushroom dude pops up? That made me mad for a long time before i figured out what i had to do. Just a thought....

    -Ben Jackson
  19. Is Fizzmaster the effect where Wayne Houchin breaks open the bottom of the glass bottle while its still closed?
  20. i think the card wrapped in thread is for patrick snowden's tensegrity

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