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  1. I think this is the last one on Disc 2

    PH Interview with Chuck Martinez
    During the explanation/Roberts Growing Tips for Growing Card, at the beginning of the notes, an image pops up in the lower right corner. If you click "Select" or "Enter" on your DVD remote it takes you to an interview.
  2. Awesome finds!

    I updated the thread. All the Easter Eggs for Disc 2 have now been found!

    17 more Easter Eggs left.
  3. If you go to the page for cassanova inc on disc 3, and you go upp to the light that shines in the left corner it will take you to a video of Jason England teaching card mucking.

    This set is crazy, its so much stuff in there, i did not expect to find a video of jason england in here, awsome.
  4. During the phoote note for Half moon vodoo a image will pop upp that will take you to Eric mead interview 1, on dvd 3.
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    On disc 3, in the index for disc 3 if you take the marker to the middle there is a video of how to fold napkin roses.

    On disc 4, during the explanation of lubors lense with a straw a image pops upp that will take you to a video with wayne houchin performing and teaching chad longs shuffeling lesson.

    Also on disc 4 on the page for stapled warp, over the text that says Andrew Gerard, there is a video of jeff mcbride demonstrating and talking about the suffeling lesson.
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    Excellent finds, Fridoliina!

    I updated the main page. Unfortunately, the initial post has become too big to hold all 9 discs. So I broke it up. The first post is the first 3 discs. Scroll down a few posts for discs 4-9.

    Only 13 remaining now!
  7. My friend Rob just called with a new one on Disc 5:

    The Burger/McBride Interview
    During the Explanation for Tensegrity, at the point where Patrick is talking about the handcrafted pencil, an image pops up in the lower right corner of a wizard behind a mushroom. If you click "Select" or "Enter" on your DVD remote it takes you to The Burger/McBride Interview.
  8. During the phhoote noote for Dunns deal a image pops up which will take you to a interview with mac king.
  9. New Egg Disc 6 Travel Interview

    disc 6 From the main page put the cursor on Cellmates and click the right arrow on your remote. The image of the wizard hiding behind the mushroom will appear now click the up button and a new wizard will appear a little above and to the left of the "Orange" wizard. This is a travel interview with Jacques Olet and Kylie Layton. Two 18 year olds who walked across America to meet Paul.
  10. wow with all these easter eggs it look like it is worth 300 dollars
  11. Wow!

    So how many tricks does this set have in total then including the EE?
  12. TA

    Wow, I have spent the last few nights watching the entire set from beginning to end.

    I just wanted to say to those producing and selling effects in the future the bar has been raised.

    Most of these effects if they were produced or created by any other team would probably have been sold separately and at a much higher cost to us.

    Recently I spent $55.00 for a one trick DVD, and was so disappointed in the production, explanation, etc.

    TA was carefully crafted from the music, packaging, art work, explanations, phoote notes, and the list can go on and on.

    I have vowed that if Bro, Paul and Jason can put together some of the best effects in the last few years, with the top notch quality of this set for the unbelievable cost of $300.00 I will be ever so discriminating in my future purchases.

    If you don't have this set, all I can say is, this is a must for all levels of performers.

    I have learned so much on this set, i.e., after many of the effects instead of immediately going into the climax, Bro simply says nothing and just lets the magic happen.

    My favorite is Water Trap, holy S#@! that's magic.
  13. Just updated the index. I posted the new Easter Eggs on discs 6 and 7 (thanks to fridoliina and dbuckalew), and added the last two to disc 1 (thanks to hikeeba).

    All the Easter Eggs on Discs 1, 2, and 7 have been found.

    There are 8 Easter Eggs remaining now.
  14. Fooling around with the "dots" (?) on the bottom of the ninth discs' menu, I was able to bring up a new menu with a PH interview. Cannot repro.
  15. ammar interview 1 - disc 6

    towards the end of the explanation for "weirdling" a mushroom appears on the bottom, righthand corner. press enter.

    as i went through my set, i forgot to write them down so i might have more of the uncovered ones. be back soon.
  16. Nice find.

    7 eggs remaining.

    1 left on disc 1.
    1 left on disc 4.
    1 left on disc 5.
    3 left on disc 8.
    1 left on disc 9.
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    Disc 8
    PH Reel Magic Interview
    Move cursor to Phoote Notes. Press the right arrow on the remote. Press Enter.

    EDIT: In Unstable Label, move cursor to Phoote Notes. Press the right arrow on the remote. Press Enter.

    Sorry, I forgot to say where you had to do this.
  18. Disc 8
    Paper Propeller - John Bodine
    Go to the Index.
    Go to tab 8
    Press the Right Arrow button on the remote to highlight the upside-down "TA" logo on the right. Press the Enter button on the remote.
  19. I hope my TA set will arrive soon... I preorder it from magicbox, but they still didn't ship it. So I will join the hunt as soon as it gets here...

    I have one question: How can you activate this EE if you put the disc in DVD rom on the computer? I will be using VLC player...
  20. EE question:

    I have seen all of the PH EE's except for the ones where he is at someone's house. Does anyone know what set those come from?

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