Trying to find controls - Not sure of names if any.

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  1. I worked out. A few solutions. One is using a clipshift or pink clip / glide, and literally just turning over the card under the cover of the top hand. I now have it up to speed that no one notices the turn over, so from their perspective a card is sledged, returned to the pack, pushed in and without a shuffle or touching the cards there after, their card is magically turned to face up among the face down cards.

    Might do a video to show what I mean.
  2. I still think this is unnecessary but ok.
  3. The main reason for learning these is the more I learn and the more difficult the things I learn are, angles and all, the better and easier it is to do the easier things if you know what I mean.

    Plus I find ambituous card routines good fun and practise of controls.

    So they choose a card, I clipshift to the top, shuffle so it is now second from top, reveal. Then slipcut the top card, reveal. Then show them again explaining the slipcut, while showing I actually quickly clipshift a random card on top and slipcut what they think must be their card into the deck. Reveal. Then let them take their card and place it in the deck, push through in jog glide to the top, reveal. Return to deck and double undercut to top, top palm it, hand them the deck to shuffle. I take it back placing their card on top, reveal. It's just a bit of fun and good practise. Still working on the paradigm shift but I can do that in a messy way, flys by and gets their card that I slipcut into the deck, I flip it over to show ok for real your card is going in the middle, paradigm shift it and it is now 2nd from top, double lift, then finish with a slipcut again.

    I dunno I just like it.

    But now what I am also trying to incorporate is their card selection and it suddenly appears face up n the top of the deck in front of their eyes. People like it and that's what counts I guess.

    Also joining the magic circle of leeds my home city to learn and be part of a club.
  4. This ambitious routine is and will end up being dreadfull. An acr should not just be the card invisibly coming to the top over and over again. To the spectatorsthis gets boring after the second time. Make it short, make each step unique, give everything a purpose, make the card jump around, And make it fun. A much better ACR for you using only the thing you have listed above.

    Control it to the top, dl, and an eventual reveal. Talk. Put the card clearly under half a pack, show it to the audience, clip shift, have them take it off the top. Top change, have them put the card back in the middle. Palm off the top card and produce it from somewhere (pocket, hat, napkin, whatever). Finally, place the card back, control it to the bottom, reverse it, clip shift color change as a cool ending. Overall, It should last 3 - 5 min w/ patter.

    Still not a supreme acr, but much bafter than what you had.
  5. Right my Clipshift and glide type techniques are a lot better now and I have developed some new useful ideas using the clipshift.

    Clipshift control, force and colour change as standards.
    I can use the clip shift to hide a card in the deck as I turn over the cards or deck. I use this in my new ACR where their card eventually ends up outside the box of the cards once I put them back in and I can use the clipshift to show the deck box 1 handed as having no cards stuck to it without having to palm.

    I use the clipshift into a lateral palm now so I can easily palm a chosen card off in the act of squaring and cutting the deck. So either controlling their card or stealing a card or their card, etc.

    I also can go from lateral palm into the deck placing their card 2nd from the top or where ever I want and a useful feature of a lateral palm is that I can take their card, flip the deck over and place my hands together and now their card is in the deck upside down, or use this to then steal their upside down card and have it return to the deck back to normal etc.
  6. wait...are we supposed to upload tutorials here?
  7. Also found some interesting stuff in Card Devilry by J.K Hartman for glide type forces, controls and stuff so using similar hand and finger positions you can control a card from a dribble, corner riffle and in the process of a dovetail in the hands riffle shuffle. I might do a video of how these look to the spectator. :D
  8. Ya know, if you're just trying to reverse a card in the deck, you shouldn't be bound to the method. What's most important is the effect, not what's going on behind the scenes (at least for the spectator).

    P.S. Look into half passes, they might help
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  9. Alex pandrea has a 1 handed reversal using the clip shift that puts the card on the bottom of the packet you're Holding aswell as reversing

  10. I like this reversal but it has little to no cover but works with misdirection.
  11. Glad u like it
  12. If you palm it off of the top. Then to a palm to palm transfer not palm to cop this reverses the card and then place it onto the bottom.

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