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  1. Hey forum,

    What's a good resource for Dai Vernon's Twisting the Aces? Book, dvd, doesn't matter, I'm just looking for a quality version.

    Also, Where's a resource for John Scarne's Cut to the Aces? I'm aware he never publicly released his secret, however I've seen some good simulations out there, does anyone know where I can learn a version?

    P.S. Youtube is not an option

    Thanks for your help or your sarcasm, which ever you prefer to give :)

  2. Check out the Classic Magic of Larry Jennings. There are a few options for doing the twist there.
  3. The only magician I know that can do the Scarne ace cut is Bill Malone. And I don't think he will release his method any time soon.

  4. Marlos Estimation Aces is truly about as close as you will get. It's amazing
  5. I'm sure you probably already know, but Lewis Ganson's book, Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy, has the basic handling of Twisting the Aces using the Elmsley/Ghost Count. It has some detailed, illustrated instructions on the effect and the required sleight.

    If you want a more visual version of the effect, I recommend Guy Hollingworth's Waving the Aces from his book, Drawing Room Deceptions. If you can obtain his Quartet gimmick, you can perform an outstanding surprise finish where four kings change into four aces. He performed this variation on one of the old World's Greatest Magic television specials. A simpler version of the effect can be used using the Ascanio Spread. I think Ellusionist sells it. I forget what they re-named it though-- check it out.

    A Chinese gentleman, Zenneth Kok, has a decent alignment move that can accomplish an effect similar in appearance to Guy Hollingworth's above. I saw Ray Kosby perform it at a lecture, but I can't recall where he initially learned the effect.

    As far as John Scarne's Ace Cutting effect-- you can essentially duplicate what Bill Malone performed using a simple Stripper Deck packed in a resealed deck. I'm not proposing this is how Malone accomplished the effect, but it's easily manageable with the idea.

    Hope this helps,

  6. Scarne's cut to the aces is what one could call a journey as it is really what it is; stacking the aces wile shuffling from a shuffled deck. Check Out Karl Fulve's books and good luck with the next 15 years of your life.
  7. When i was looking trough some web pages in search of a Darwin Ortiz DVD, i stumbled across on the content of some of his dvd's, and in one of them i saw Scarnies Aces... So you can search that up...
  8. There are several theories on how Scarne acheived his ace-cutting effect, and it's not necessarily wise to believe his own claims. There are a lot of ways to cut to the aces though, and a good selection of methods are on the second disc of Damien Nieman's Fast Company set.

    The original Twisting the Aces is chapter 1 of More Inner Secrets of Card Magic, now usually to be found as part of the combined Inner Card Trilogy book.
  9. It's funny how whenever Wayne introduces an effect he likes, people jump on this bandwagon.

    Be original.

  10. I learnt it from Dai Vernon's more inner secrets of magic, although I don't really perform it much anymore. In my opinion the Asher twist is the best version of this effect.
  11. I'm pretty sure the effect was extremely popular even before Mr.Houchin was born ...
  12. Waving the aces from Guy Hollingworth's Drawing room deceptions if you're looking for something more visual.
  13. I never said it wasn't. Just now that everyone knows Wayne performs it, they suddenly found the trick extremely appealing.

    Who knows, maybe someone was even sexually arrousted. I don't care, I just stated my opinion.

  14. I won't lie, I heard Wayne talk about it on his daily update and decided to look into it. Isn't that why he put it on his daily update? He wants to promote magic as well as theory 11. If a magician I respect like Wayne, Aaron, or Chris tells me that they think so and so is a perfect effect, I'm going to look into it. Truth be told, I had never heard of Twisting the Aces and it sounded interesting. It's not unoriginal, I'm not performing for you, I'm performing for laymen. Any trick you buy is technically unoriginal by your standards then. That's what you're saying. I have every right to research an effect no matter how I heard about it. Good lord.
  15. I wouldn't recommend the Ellusionist "Mercury" trick as it is highly impractical and much better versions have been recommended here.

    Zenneth Kok's "The Zenneth Code DVD" contains a very workable and visual twisting the aces.

    There is a simple cutting the aces routine found in Paul Gordon's "Nocturnal Creations" book.
  16. What Ellusionist apparently sells as Mercury has been done long before they even sold it-- it's unfortunate, because I actually do think it's a quality effect that's been tainted by a brand name. It was one of the first things I learned with the Ascanio Spread. My opinion's admittedly biased, but I still think it's worth learning for the sake of knowing what the sleight can accomplish.

    Another good (underrated) twisting effect is Outback by Tom Dobrowolski. In effect, the four aces turn face down, one by one. Then their back designs change color from red to blue. Then as a kicker ending, they change into four completely different back designs from four different decks! It's available as an instant download at TrickShop. It's very practical, and I used it pretty regularly for walkaround environments. I'm sure you'll like it.

  17. For twisting the aces, I'd go with The Asher Twist by Lee Asher...
    For Scarne's Aces, I'd go with the one taught on Fast Company by Damian Nieman.

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