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    I just started learning card tricks about two months ago. So far I have learned several card tricks such as the ACR, Two Card Monte, The Time Machine, etc. However, before learning more tricks, I want to perfect the card tricks and sleights that I currently know which leads me to several questions:

    1) How do I prep the deck in front of my audience?
    2) How do I do a triple left? I have trouble doing this in a natural way. Also, sometimes the cards aren't lined up properly making my triple lift quite conspicuous and obvious.
    3) Lastly, how do I pinky count two/three cards in order to double/triple lift cards?

    Thanks for all of your help guys! I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey Revulsion first, welcome!

    Second, this forum has rules about exposing the methods of effects. You're giving a big portion of the effect away in how you ask questions about it. Granted every magician and their mom knows 2CM, exposure is exposure. I know it can be tricky but you can usually reword questions in a safer way. For example in question 1 you could have just asked "How do I prep the deck in front of the audience?" and left it at that. People familiar with 2CM will know what you are talking about and if they can't answer it here they might message you.

    Anyway, hopefully you'll get the answers you are looking for. My advice is to check out Dr. Daley's Last Trick. It's VERY similar to 2CM with fewer sleights necessary and you have all the motivation in the world to openly look for all 4 of the cards. I used to open with 2CM but I've been playing with Dr. Daleys Last Trick more lately.
  3. I appreciate the advice, Haunter. I should have read the forum rules first before posting. It won't happen again. Again, thank you so much for the heads up.

    On another note, I'm going to look into Dr. Daley's Last trick right now.
  4. 1. I just say that im looking for the two cards that im going to do the trick with. ( Simple Enough)

    2. I ask them what card they have in there hand. When everyone checks that card i do the first part of the triple. Then all that is left is to turn it over!!!

    3. i get a break under 4 cards.. right at the beginning of the trick.

    Hope this helps. PM me if you have anymore questions.
  5. No worries :)

    I'll try to help you out with your questions when I have a bit more time if no one else jumps in.
  6. 1. Culling, placing and being casual about it.
    2. Your thinking too much. Watch E's Kard Klub for tips, spreading over and getting a break is a good way to do this.
    3. Learn the pinky count or spread over and get a break casually, or learn how to push over multiple cards to a pinky Aaron Fisher's magic minute videos, free on Youtube.
  7. Where did you learn 2CM from to begin with?
  8. Thanks for all of the responses guys.

    I watched a couple of the suggested videos. I'm going to try your suggestions out and see how they work out. I think I need to practice some of the maneuvers a little more as well.

    And, Haunter, I learned the 2CM from some random guy on youtube. I don't really remember the video to be honest.
  9. That is probably a big part of why you are struggling so much then. 99% of the tutorials on youtube are garbage and they might tell you the secret but as you are finding out there are all these finer points along the way that aren't being addressed. It's kind of the equivalent of watching a kidney transplant tutorial and having the guy say "OKAY SEE UMM WHAT YOU DO IS YOU CUT OPEN THE GUY AND PULL OUT THE BAD KIDNEY, THEN YOU PUT THE GOOD KIDNEY IN AND SEW IT UP. DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!"

    Not to sound condescending or anything like that. Youtube tutorials are what get some of us hooked to begin with. Just if you are going to take it seriously you owe it to yourself to get some better resources. Also there is the moral implication that these people are teaching material that wasn't their's to begin with.

    At any rate, considering the stuff you're performing I think Oz Pearlman's Born to Perform Card Magic is a good starting point. Inexpensive and lays a solid foundation and teaches you some routines including 2CM and ACR in much greater detail. It addresses a lot of the questions you are having.

    I try to be as helpful as I can but you'd probably do a lot better going through something like that video and then asking questions after that then trying to piece it all together from a bunch of different voices to begin with. Either way, good on you for wanting to improve :)
  10. cull the cards to get your setup, and just practice to get the other two moves
  11. There are 4 possible combinations of 3 out of the 4 fours. There are 48*47 or 2256 possible combinations for the other two cards. This give a total 9024 possible combinations.
  12. Why not just pull them out like a normal person would. It's not like you really NEED a big set up for it to work and really most people won't care if you take out the two kings and two aces and just set the cards up briefly right there. In fact it should only take you around 4 seconds to do so.
  13. Just set it up while your saying you are going to show them something simple. Say something like It is sort of like a guessing game or whatever might make them not suspect anything. Make the little "switch move" like that is the amazing part of the trick You got to make it seem real.
    Totally forget about the card switching part. But the moves are very important a triple Lift takes practice to make right a LOT of practice. The top change takes even more practice and patients to make look good and invisible plus the Misdirection, You need good misdirection. 5 Years later I still have issues with that trick at times... But I probably don't Perform it enough I guess. Good luck and have fun!

    P.S Learn from professionals not Children!

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