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  1. Hi guys, just a thought for you all. Is it worth going out to perform for people on the streets? I've never done it (apart from school). Does it give you a weird feeling, like a weird buzz?
  2. Ive been out doing this once. It was the best time ive ever had and wish i would do it more. I would reccomend it to anyone!
  3. Performing on the streets for random people is highly recommended once you're ready for it. Its good experience and you learn a lot from doing it. One of the main reasons why most people don't do it is because fear of failure. But when you think about it, the worst thing that can happen is you will mess up in front of someone you will more than likely never run into again. Also, having a successful street performance gives you confidence in your performance to continue doing it.
  4. The key is ultimately enjoyment. I used to do it a few times per month for a few months, and it all comes down to being careless and enjoy yourself. Have fun approching people, have fun succeding tricks and most importantly, learn to laugh at yourself when screwing up. Really, if you fail a trick and your audience don't like you, chances are they won't remember you 3 hours later. And if they like you, chances are you'll be forgiven instantly and they'll remember the tricks you succeded at. Just don't take anything seriously and all will go fine if you practiced ;)
  5. Like everyone said, it's great practice and helps you think on your feet. Not to mention the adrenaline rush you get when you get a great reaction from your audience!
  6. I also think it's great as a practice, and it's a great fun in general. Probobly good point to try some new effects as well. But I think there are not to many magicians that make living of this. I think it can be a good addition, but in the end it's probobly better to progress toward something like table-hopping, corporate-work etc.
  7. And if you are interested in tabble hopping or corporate style work (like mentioned above) street performing is good practice for that too. I know when I first started I had no problem performing for friends and family but was always nervous performing for complete strangers. Over time the nerves should go away but again that is good practice so once you do start performing at paid gigs (if that's what you are intersted in) you won't have a problem performing for strangers.
  8. I busk, and I love it. And as mentioned, nothing will sharpen you up like actually performing.
  9. The above information is awesome!

    Some great things about performing for strangers on the street:

    - Nerves! The more you perform to absolute strangers guarantees that you will be able to eliminate all nerves during an actual performance! You will have gotten so used to going up to anyone that performing for people will just come naturally.

    - "What do I do if this guy is doing.....?!" The more that you go out and perform, the more you'll be able to manipulate your audience. You'll begin to learn how to control where their hands, eyes, and even body goes... it's quite fun!

    - If you're professional, it's a great time to find new clients! The guy on the chair in the mall might just be holding a fundraiser on the weekend, and may even need some entertainment for an hour or two!

    Other than that, I can't think of any quality advice for you..

    I hope this helped!


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