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  1. I'm asking an honest question that I don't know the answer to:

    How did Theory11.com ruin Decknique.com?

    Please answer.
  2. There should be a Frickin age limit here. Mate, i never really paid attention to you until now- but you really need to mature the hell up. If you're acting this way cause you think its cute, it really isnt- And im not gonna feed you BS by saying "Oh, this is a magic forum inhabited by gremlins and fairies of all ages here to help!" We all vary in ages, and i have high tolerance over internet jibberish but this just takes the cake.

    I think Zach's round about the same age as you, and i dont see him, hear him or heard any similar things as to what you're doing. Role Model eh?

    I dont think it did. by the time T11 got released, Decknique was somewhat dying down. According to some guys that i met up with, Decknique was at its prime 3-4 years ago. That was just before i started to learn magic, let alone heard of Flourishing.

    I was never active on Decknique- i merely stumbled upon it through Kevin ho's youtube flourish tutorials. I cant say much about the community itself, but i was impressed by the quality of videos produced. I was more interested in Magic back then, so i never really bothered to hang around the forum and whatnot.

    I think it was just coincidental that as Decknique started to go downhill, T11 was launched. Logic would say they can blame T11 for their fall, but who am i to say? i wasnt a member there anyways.

    Richard Did state that he was greatly thankful for the moderators for keeping the forum running even though he wasnt around. That shows a lot of dedication, Random strangers he's probably never met before left to run a forum with themselves.

    Anyways, that's entirely a different topic. I think Hopscotch has a solid opinion over Theory 11, and you guys should just stop poking and asking questions. You're starting to sound like that annoying 5 year old nephew that keeps asking "but.. Why?" every 10 seconds.

  3. I asked one question...

    Hopscotch has his opinion, so let's respect it. We can all be mature (even you, MLB) and agree to disagree. One thing I just realized is that I shouldn't even be here, I don't flourish!

    Well, I hope you cardists enjoy your new union.
  4. Guys,

    I am going to close this thread -- per the request of several users and because it is getting out of hand.

    At the end of the day, we must respect all of those who respect the art; there is no need for some of the disrespectful and heated comments posted in this thread.

    Let's keep the discourse respectful, courteous, and professional -- in the end, that's the best way for us to continue to advance and improve this artform. So, let's get back to the cardistry.

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