USPCC done printing Arrco, Squeezers, Steamboats, etc.

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    Hey Everyone what's up...

    I jsut found out from a frien dinside the USPC who is a very reliable source, that they are no longer going to be printing Arrco, Squeezers, Steamboats, and other brands jsut to name a few... Aladdins are still going to be produced form what I was told...

    Anyways I am sure many of you knew that the USPC recently change dto a new manufacturing facility in kentucky, leaving cincinatti ohio where it has been forever..

    Also plants in CHINA are producing the prestige dura flex cards which cost me $8.99usd.. When i buy a deck from the UNITED STATES PLAYING CARD COMPANY, I expect the DECK to be made in the UNITED STATES...

    I mean, why not just change the name to CHINA PLAYING CARD COMPANY...

    but that is jsut the way of the times.. ALL companies are cutting back on costs and outsourcing jobs to china, india, malaysia, etc..
    Thats why its so ahrd to find a good job here in the united states..
    The US is going to no longer be the predominent country in the world unless we start keeping jobs in america and quit outsourcing everything..

    Anyways enough about politics.. Just thought I would let you know about the Arrcos... They are one of my FAV card and I can't believe they are no longer going to make it.. I jsut bought a gross today of us regs and a gross of squeezers, so I have a supply..

    Of course the USPC is trying to cut COSTS and is the reason for them cutting certain brands.. Also The USPC outlet store in cincinatti ohio is closing friday..

    Well thought I would elt you all know and see what everyone thought??
  2. damn.. now i have to stock up on arrcos

    save up on squeezers and sell em later for fortune : )

  3. I know what I will be buying very soon.
  4. did you mean the USPCC? and if so thats too bad, arrco's kick a$$, and i hate all the changes they are making, especially to the classic bikes, price, back design, box design. it all sucks. the only good thing that has come out of all of this is the eco bikes
  5. How reliable IS you source. Aladdins were printed for the Alladdin casino in Las Vegas, which was shut down around two years ago. Which also meant an end to the cards.
  6. Well I know nothing about this person, but I can tell you that from what I UNDERSTAND, Arrcos are no longer in print. They are indeed one of the many decks that were cut. It's a shame because I also loved Arrcos.

    Shame shame. Stock up while you can. (This is not new news to me. I heard this months ago from quite a few different sources.)

  7. Not to sound stupid but what sort of cards are Squeezers? Are they short form of something or are they really called Squeezers?
  8. Ah, thanks!
    I'll stock up on Arrcos.
  9. I always had the thought of buy some Arrcos in the back of my mind. I was going to go buy a brick of Studs, but I think I'll go with Arrcos, if I don't like them I'll keep em sealed and sell them in a few years.
  10. Hmmm? I like how he conviently has auctions for some of these soon to be "rare cards" in his sig. Makes you think it it could possibly be..a lie?

    But who knows it might be true.
  11. There are no Arrcos up for auction by him. I'm pretty sure it's not a lie.
  12. What i also heard was that the USPCC has a new owner and he refuses to make any gaffs, or gimmicked decks... along with the decks the guy said before tallys are also being cut. I heard this all from My local Magic shop keeper who talks to Stephan Jarrdonnet who i think owns Murphy's Magic Supplies. well anyways this sucks :(
  13. Thanks for telling me that, I was just about to open my last deck of tallys. That would seriously suck if Tallys were cut. Arrcos, ok, Tallys, "Oh heelll no"

    I think we should all sign this petition:
  15. I'm not gonna go into details as I'm leaving for work in a few minutes, but it depends on the gaff. Certain gaffs can be printed and others can't. As for Tallys being cut, I heard no such thing.

    Guys, take everything you read here with a grain of salt. I think that today there are too many "reliable sources" around.:rolleyes:

  16. Fu*k this sh*t. We should make a petition or somthing, make them stop discontinueding and changing cards. Its really pissing me off now.

  17. From what I was lead to believe, only gaffs that affected card BACKS would be forbidden, but that everyone was give a chance at a last run. Apparently the back is trademarked and printing gaffed backs dilutes the trademark somehow. *shrug*

    That, and gaff printing has been put on hold while they "catch up" with printing their regular stuff. Which sort of makes sense, but that happens all the time and products/tv shows/etc go missing after being put "on hold", so I'm a little weary of the whole situation.

    I don't think they'll stop printing gaffs, but it's obviously not a priority.

    I say you should call/e-mail, but don't pester them too much.
  18. Where can you see these changes?
  19. Three posts above you buddy...

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