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  2. I don't get it, were you supposed to do something out of the ordinary besides making a coin vanish??
  3. Any sleeving type vanish would be more impressive with a larger coin. still, it's really good!
  4. is it sleeving? if not its amazing can you re produce it?
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    Re-produce it meaning do it again? Sure I can.

    What I mean was I was practicing another vanish, but it didn't work and this happened. I was like, "Woah!" So I went and uploaded a few performances of it to Youtube. Also, I should have a video of the original vanish up today.

    EDIT- Alright guys the original vanish is posted. Sleeveles, and no I don't drop it! Enjoy!

  6. One question - can you do it in a brighter light without the black clothing?
  7. I sure as hell can! If I have time I'll go out and film it, but as of now I'm swamped with finals and last minute projects.

  8. One tip:

    Turn on a light.


  9. Want to know the sad thing? It was on. I have some ****ty lighting in that room.

    Like I said before, I'll try to get a better lit video up soon, if I can make the time.

    Also, I added two new videos to my page: A coin change using the same principle, and another vanish. Check them out!

  10. What I want to know is why you're wearing a hoody indoors...
  11. It was ice-cold inside. I mean literally, my fingers were snapping off one by one and I had to stick them together using magician's wax.

    Not such a good day for me:p

  12. I hope your method would not be limited by the coin size.....even so it's not a bad thing,

    but a vanish of a coin that small has very limited applications.

    At least no one does regular coin routines with small coins.

    but still, congrats for coming up with soemthing different.

    Be sure to check your sources so you don't accidently find out some years later you re-invented some trick Bobo or someone did decades ago........that kinda **** happens all the time. good luck.
  13. That answers my question. Thank you.
  14. The limitation is not coin size, but you. I can't really explain it without revealing the method, but the Original.Vanish can be done with any size coin, as long as you have have the right size (blank).

    Now all you people with dirty minds, it is not that.

    For the other couple vanishes, they are nothing new. I'm not claiming I invented an actual sleight, just another way of performing a well known sleight that makes it look even cleaner.

  15. are the angles good? for exemple sleeving is fine! but theres such a thing in magic with sleeving that i dont like, and its because most people whn they vanish a coin someone has to say" its up your sleeve"! i also have a cool vanish that i can use sleeve or no sleeve! and other methods. but i use the " other methods" better more the sleeve ecase of the fact its the first thing people would say! it looks great i'm not saying its bad! if you have good angles to do so and its not only a sleeveing method you have something really cool man! you should come up with a speellbound move using your vanish to a free and clean display of a coin that changed! just a idea alrightty? cheers
  16. So u need the right size blank --but are u using that blank for the penny or are u using the penny because its copper? Idk.
  17. Check your PMs Jeremy. Just to let everybody know, Jeremy asked me if I was using a Raven or some other magnetic device. No! This can be done with a borrowed coin.

  18. I liked all of these variations of the vanish, its really a pity that we can't discuss methods in detail here, it seems ironic that the mission statement of this website is to push magic forwards, but we are all forced to skirt around the real mechanics of effects. I think an open discussion would help develop new methods and ways of thinking.

    This vanish looks a lot like the classic 'pumpkin seed' vanish from Bobo, i often use an almost identical move myself to great effect, its cool to see someone thinking along what looks like the same lines.

    keep it up dude, its looking really clean.

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