Vanishing A Small Bottle

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  1. Any ideas on this?

    It's my bottle, so it can be gimmicked, if necessary.

    What's the cleanest way you can think of? (No sleeving, it wouldn't fit the environment that I'm working in.)

    I'm trying to do this as a gag in a routine, I've developed.
  2. A Topit? Can you use any props to aid in the vanish? Why not buy a vanishing bottle like the one often used in the trick where it disappears from a paper bag?
  3. Gecko?

    Cheers, Tom
  4. Do topits work if the only things you're wearing is a tshirt, shoes and baggy jeans/ shorts?

    I honestly just want to use it as a quick gag. I pull out an eyedrop bottle. Put a few drops in my eye and then vanish it. Do they make vanishing eyedrop bottles?

    Apparently in reviews, they say you need a jacket or sleeves of some kind for the gecko?

    Anyone seen James Brown's Fancy a Pot of Jam? How good is the vanish of the pot onto their shoulder? I'm sure the pot of jam is about the same as an eyedrop bottle.

    Any other ideas?
  5. In the clothing restrictions you've named, pure sleight of hand (retentions, steals, etc.) is your best bet.

  6. Well depending on the bagginess of your pants, shorts, jeans. You might be able to show the dropper, ditch it in a pocket and act like you are putting drops in and reveal that it vanished. Also if it is cold, were a hoodie with front pockets. The pocket could be used as a means of an easy ditch.

    If you are wearing a button up short sleeved shirt, with a top pocket you could ditch it in there.

    I hope I gave you enough ideas.


    A good place I ditch things is in the folds of my pant legs. I cuff the bottom of my jeans its a perfect hiding place.
  7. If you were wearing a hoodie you could ditch it into the hood while you put the drops in. Just an idea, which is probably not practical as I have not tried it.
  8. Yeppers that is a great way.
  9. heh, if you wear suspenders, Dan Sylvester has an amazing method...

    you could perhaps put a strong magnet into the bottle and another one on your belt or somewhere that would work to ditch it if it is a small bottle.
  10. Don't you think putting drops into your eye is enough misdirection to simply ditch the bottle in your pocket?
  11. Hey good idea. Put the first drops in one eye, ditch the bottle and bring your hand back up and refill the dropper, from non existent bottle, and put the drops in the other eye, and then the bottle is gone. You could always stash the dropper behind your ear...
  12. Fancy a Pot of Jam is a great DVD and the technique for vanishing the jam should work perfect for this. I credit this DVD as one of about 3 DVD's that changed my thoughts on magic
  13. You could pull the bottle out, "put" it in the other hand, turn sideways to the audience and lean back while pretending to the the drops in your eye. While your sideways, you can easily put the drops in your pocket. Pretend to do the same on the other eye, face the audience and "crumble" the bottle.
  14. Do you have it?

    I think it's awful...
  15. Yeah, that's exactly what I was picturing. :D

    But instead of ditching the dropper in the ear, bring it outt o dip in the bottle again, but it's gone. And then when you're looking around for the bottle, sleeve the dropper, and get more confused :D I can just imagine it
  16. You have loads of options dude...

    I like the already mentioned ideas of a simple ditch as the dropper is lifted to eye level, but how about a little more thought- Some choreography of the type Apollo Robbins uses in the first phase of his 'Son of Recap' routine (CX2) would be perfect- The Bottle would seem to vanish AS you go to refill the dropper.

    You could, of course, Use a servante (If you use a table) to discreetly ditch the bottle after a false transfer (If the bottle is small enough).

    You could have the bottle on a simple pull, going into your jacket. I would place the dropper back in, screw the cap closed and as soon as it is secure, have it visually vanish.

    Dan Sylvester's vanishing technique is very cool (not to mention fun!), but doesn't suit me, SO... I simply do a similar 'move' with a regular, ungimmicked shirt. I don't know if this helps?


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