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    the official text:
    "Some random letters are chosen to make up the initials of a fictional character out of the performer’s sight.

    A name could be thought of from these letters, this will never be written down; it’s in the mind of the spectator.

    The spectator is asked to grip the performer’s wrist and scream the initials in their mind – Slowly and visually the performer’s veins shift and morph into the selected initials.

    As an added kicker, the name can be revealed without anything being written down, they really do just think of the name in their head!!

    This is powerful stuff. This isn't like Twisted Palm or similar effects, your veins PHYSICALLY do appear to morph into the selected initials and the name reveal is as clean as clean can be."

    Available at:

    initial thoughts:
    ripping off of Stigmata anyone?

    After reading:
    O.K. after reading this I thought; I'm happy now. this is not a stigmata clone' it is much different. the iniitials are onb the back of your HAND not the wrist. and it's repeatable VERY quickly. the only simalarities are thats it's mstuff appearing on your hand w/o adding anything TO your hand.

    Now. I would just like to say: I don;t love this effect. Not because it's mediocre/bad though! It's an amazing method! I don;'t like it because I won;t use it. It's super practical etc. but I don;t do mentaliasm.

    Now the good part is that this is 90% impromptu and nothing is ever written down by the spectator and they never EVER say the initials out loud, nor the name they are thinking of.

    So, in short:
    almost impromptu
    great for table hopping
    the initials rise SLOWLY to the surface of your skin
    angle proof

    I, personally, won;t use it
    a little bit knacky to get the letter to come up right
    you need something extra (not really a con but.,.. yeah. not a pro either.)

  2. Thanks for the comments Diz, I'm sure you'll find a use one day ;)

    Can a mod change the thread title to Vanity as opposed to VITAL :p

  3. I will have my thoughts up later. Just from reading it, VITAL is brilliant yet disappointing at the same time. It absolutely has its pros and it also absolutely has its cons. It is a neat concept. Full review later today. I'm also surprised you didn't mention the extra item needed. It doesn't give away the method at all.

  4. Haha...I thought it was called VITAL as well.

    For some unknown reason, when I checked the product out I thought I read the name VITAL.

  5. When that player started working(i had the page on another tab) it scared the living crap out of me because some crazy guy with a very deep voice suddenly started talking :p, creepy.

    Anyways, i think the idea is awesome, dont know the method but i hope i can do this in my country, since i could´nt do ANATE.

    But i shall see, will be buying this soon since ABK was awesome!

  6. Same here.

    Dee, is this some sort of new mentalism effect you're testing out?:cool:

  7. I agree with a point. At first, I too, thought it may be something similar to 'Stigmata' because the wrist comes into play, but realized afterwards that I may like this just as much and possibly use them together.

    This is my kind of effect. Dee has created, and released, some really great mentalism. This being one of them. The simplicity in the structure and the overall...handling? just great. I assume that handling is the correct term to use for this particular effect... Everything within VANITY is just so simple. Too simple, perhaps.

    Dee goes over everything in this e-book. How VANITY works, how to perform VANITY, even how the idea came about...Dee's a strange guy by the way - lol :D

    I feel if you're into mentalism, and I guess a little touch of geek magic, this effect is for you!

  8. I just got it...If this would work it would be amazing. I dont know if its worth that much though...

    The problem. I cant get it to work, My hand does not do what it says it will, ive tried and tried but it does not do what its supposed to. If anyone can help that would be great or otherwise this would be the biggest rip off ever!


    Upon further looking at my hand it will be impossible for me to do. It just doesnt work, money back gaurentee right?
  9. I've been thinking of getting this.

    My only problem is if it's true that the spectator NEVER writes or say anything?, if so, then I need to check this out.

  10. Well be aware this will not work on everyone. It does not work on me, just cause of the way my hand is. I hope i can get my money back.

    And the the way the spectator picks the initials and name is okay. Not revoultionary (spellcheck) pretty basic. I would do it if my hand would work but it just doesnt "go" that way.
  11. I'm still thinking about this one.

    What I love about Stigmata is how personal it is and how it connects with your audience.

    But this sounds too good to be true...hmmm

    What I'm still wondering if this is done "tongue in cheek"?

    Any care to answer that question?

  12. I don't perform it tongue in cheek, it's a serious performance piece for me, a couple of thoughts off random people on Madison's facebook link:

    Marco Velasquez at 11:17pm July 7
    Deeeeeeeeeeeee!! I am soooo glad I gave this trick my attention!!!! you have got an amazing method to a intimate, hard-hitting, and all around astounding effect! Can't wait for more!!

    Sean Dunthorne at 9:26pm July 7
    holy cow, the method is killer...absolutly amazing stuff dee. very impressive thinkin....who would have thought somethin that simple has such a strong impact

    The method is very different to Stigmata, the effects look completely different, they just sound a little similar in text!

    It's been getting lots of great comments on the cafe thread too, it's at the top of the latest and greatest section.

    I tried many different ideas for the selection of the initials, the method I use is the most organic and natural to me, and the easiest for others to pick up on. The name reveal was something I just started doing in performance, I would guess the name, After hitting a few times and seeing that the kicker takes the routine up another notch on the scale, I developed the system that's in the book.

    Drop me an email stoneface at and we can have a chat, if I can't get it working for you, I'll sort you out!;)


  13. yes. ;)

  14. Thanks for answering my question D.

    Now I must get this.

  15. Thanks Dee i will email you!

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