Variations of Monarchs?

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  1. Yes for example the white gold monarchs v1 have a round seal and the white monarchs v2 have a jagged seal
  2. No, not exactly. Marking changes between versions is not the purpose of the round edges vs the postage stamp edges. We made that change simply for cosmetic purposes. It is one of many indicators that you are looking at a different variation, but there are minor variations that have the same seals, particularly within the blue Monarchs.

    The round seals are older in all Monarch decks. The postal stamp edged seals are all more recent.

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  3. This is about the original monarchs, you said you got 144 of them? Well I would love to purchase one if possible it would be amazing to have such a rare deck
  4. Oh I reread what you said and 144 got into the wild I would still love to buy one If possible
  5. theory11 has exactly ZERO of these. I personally own one single (and opened) deck. A few of our team members have decks. Not a single one is available for sale.

    The only way you will be able to get your hands on these is to buy one from a collector, and the price will be extremely high I imagine.

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  6. Do you know any collecters? I couldn't find them anywhere
  7. Nope. I have not seen a deck of these being offered for years.

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  8. The Eleven Madison park cards are so cool! Print more and change the small tiny details that are needed plz!
  9. The Eleven Madison Park Monarchs were printed for Eleven Madison Park only, and haven't been reprinted or available for sale.


    // L
  10. No problem. I still love the gold monarchs
  11. This is about the navy on gold monarchs are they similer to the gold monarchs like the limited edition ones?
  12. There are no navy on gold Monarchs. There ARE gold on navy Monarchs, but they are not like the Gold Monarchs.

    All of the Monarch editions are below.

    1. Pre-Release Monarchs (gold ink on navy blue cards, gold foil on navy blue tuck) - Only 144 of these ever released, the rest destroyed. Info on this HERE.
    2. Original Monarchs (white on navy blue cards, gold foil on navy blue tuck) - This was the change that happened after the Pre-Release batch got scrapped.
    3. White Monarchs (gold ink on white cards, gold foil on white tuck)
    4. Silver Monarchs (black ink on white cards, silver foil on white tuck)
    5. Eleven Madison Park Monarchs (same colors as White Monarchs, modified tuck front, special card faces for use in a magic trick done during dinner service at EMP)
    6. Red Monarchs V1 (white on red cards, gold foil on a light red tuck)
    7. Green Monarchs (white on green cards, gold foil on green tuck)
    8. White Gold Monarchs (basically, White Monarch V2)
    9. Red Monarchs V2 (white on red cards, gold foil on a darker red tuck)
    10. NYSM2 Monarchs (white on black cards, silver foil on black tuck)
    11. Gold Monarchs (gold foil on black cards, gold foil on gold tuck)


    // L
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  13. Tabs so much I was just wondering do you know anywhere where I can see pictures of eleven madison park monarchs?
  14. Tuck Case

    Cards - I don't see a photo anywhere, but they were used for a magic trick during dinner service. The faces had random ingredients on them, and that was used in the trick.

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  15. Do you have any yourself? Or are you trying to get one? If so where from?
  16. I do not have any myself. I do not know of a single person outside of theory11 who has them (let alone is selling them), but I will buy one up if I can find it for my own personal collection (I own EVERY other Monarch deck variant that exists!).

    // L
  17. For someone who has come “late” into knowledge of various Monarch’s a shame that I will never get to purchase a rare deck at a reasonably price

    I’m looking at Gold Monarchs on EBay and as far as I’m concerned the price is idiotic at best (between $120USD - $170USD)

    Would someone REALLY pay this price for a deck of paper cards?
  19. Yes they would actually they would pay 500 dollers easy for a deck of paper cards and those gold monarchs your talking about are not the original monarchs
  20. Anyone know how many Madison Park decks were made?

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