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    Please keep in mind that this is no where near done, ive been working on it for a couple weeks now. The patter isn't perfect yet, and i messed the ending up.

    Basically this is just a quick trial run.

    Any advice, or thoughts would be great.


    p.s i know i say 3 instead of 4 a bunch.
  2. It amazed me, but I'm new to the world of magic.
  3. haha well thanks
  4. Very nice. Obviously you just need to work on making the patter smooth and perfecting the effect. I enjoyed it. Very cool, and you blew me away when the selected cards were sandwiched.
  5. Yes the patter is what ive been working on, which to me is harder then the sleights haha.

    good im glad you liked it, especially the collectors routine, that's my favorite part.

    Thanks for watching
  6. I loved it, Like the above posted, practice the patter etc

    And yeah I agree sometimes patter is harder then the sleight.
  7. I Got you some replies lol, better than nothing.
  8. Thanks!

  9. Yeah, looks good. I wouldn't be performing all of this stuff yet, just a bit more naturalness and fluidity will make this entirely performable.

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