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  1. I’ve always been interested in magic and sleight of hand and cards, but never really tried to learn, until now. I figured I’d start with Cardistry. What do you guys suggest? I don’t really want to by the trainer cards, I just feel like it would hold me back. I also have a bicycle deck, should I get another one to start off or just keep that one??
  2. That deck you have is enough, 'cuz cards don't matter...at least most of the times.

    To start of, I suggest these IN ORDER:-(YT videos in which they can be found are mentioned.)
    DISCLAIMER:- "By" someone does not mean they are the creators. Instead, they are the You Tube channels with the tutorials. Thank You.

    1)Swing Cut by Disturb Reality
    2)Swivel Cut by Disturb Reality
    3)Charlier Cut by Disturb Reality
    4)Revolution Cut by Chris Ramsay
    5)Werm by Chris Ramsay
    6)Kalushes Cut by 52 Kards
    7)Judo Flip by Fontaine

    And that's how you start up :)
    Anyways...you can mess up the order, its fine really...it's just I feel the order will complement your learning process.
    But before you do anything, check out "Tips for Cardistry" by Chris Ramsay. Tbh, I don't follow any of them, but they are hella good inspiration :) :) :)

    Best of luck! And remember, no matter what anyone says...cardistry is one of the best art forms out there and feel free to use it in magic performances as well. I have never been accused of mere manual dexterity in magic after showing cardistry, so...
  3. Lmfao... Disturb Reality??

    And if you want to know how to grow your social media see Jibrizy as well.
    And for magic tips ... Evan Era...
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  4. CWhite I see you man

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