Was The Magic Cafe Right For Banning Me?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Michael Moore, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. After reading this thread I was curious and decided to try signing up. I entered my email address and when I clicked next, it said, "Sorry, the email host address you entered is currently blocked." I can't think of any reason for this. I have heard of the site, but never actually went to it or tried to sign up. If anyone could tell me why this happened it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. you can't sign up using a free email like yahoo or gmail. I know it's stupid.
  3. Yeah I've tried signing up too. I've been in magic for 4 years, I'm a full member of the IBM and I attend my local ring every month and I'm about to start working in magic but I can't sign up because I use a free email... wow...

    Quite honestly, I've heard that people over at the cafe say quite a few bad things about us over here at theory11. Is that true?
  4. is there a list where I can see which email hosts are allowed? because gmx doesn't work aswell =/
    I wrote them an email asking for it, but they haven't replied yet (for 3 weeks now)
  5. that all depends on what they are saying. Can you either link us or be less vague as to what that entails?
  6. I'm just saying that I know what I'm talking about, I have experience and I can contribute, and I don't see any reason as to why I shouldn't be able to be a member there except for their stupid rule that you can't use a free email.
  7. I believe that Draven was reffering to your claim that Magic Cafe was saying bad things about T11. So if you can give us a link to the bashing, or at least tell us a little bit more about it.
  8. That is stupid. Thank you for clearing that up.
  9. hmmm i gotta say that this was an unfair ban ... They banned you based on the "thoughts" of the other members, which in my opinion is completely stupid. I would have to say though that the main reason i believe they banned you was because of your tone in the message ... They probably think of themselves as "higher authority" and did not like your message because in all honesty, your message was a slap in the face. Anyway, you should not visit a website where people abuse authority like that.
  10. First of all, there is so much **** that goes on every day on the Cafe that you shouldn't even worry about the **** they say about t11. Second of all, they have had MANY problems with trolls and it's a countermeasure. I personally think it's a good one, but if you're still hell-bent on trying to get an account, your ISP can probably provide you with one.

    By the way, trust me when I say this, but you don't need a forum account on the cafe to gather the ****-ton of good information that's hidden in the cracks among all the BS.
  11. Just figured I'd give an update as to what has happened- so I e-mailed the Cafe last Monday just like Chris Kenner told me to do, & surprise surprise, NO RESPONSE! The bridge was already initially burnt when I first found out I was banned, & wouldnt even bothered to e-mail them if it wasnt for Chris telliing me to, but if they wont even so much as respond to me even with Chris Kenner backing me, than good riddens to them. They pretty much insulted my intelligence & offended me with them saying my videos were not "originals", & therefore "bootlegs". Of course they are not originals, how could they be?!! They havent been released on DVD!!!! &, in my original post, I never said or claimed they WERE originals. They just act like I was trying to be slick about it or something. Now I know that technically, selling/trading recorded tv shows is illegal. But what about morally? Who am I hurting? Is there any money being taken out of anyone's pocket? Am I wrong for asking other people for videos of my idol that arent offiicaily available anywhere to buy? Would it have been better to have just said "Will buy your Copperfield videos?" Because I dont ever expect anyone to do anything for me for free, or without me doing a favor for them in return, especially from complete strangers, so I'd feel ackward saying "Please just give me your Copperfield videos, I would pay you, but that's illegal, Thanks!" & the Cafe hardly had anything worth reading anyway, so I'll stick with T11 which is WAAAY more resourcefull, insightfull & organized than that jumbled up, over catagorized magic site. Thank you everyone for letting me rant & for your opinions, & thanks again Chris for you support as well.
  12. I am not fond of the moderators/moderation over at the cafe either. Got yelled at for nothing by Palmer, I think? It was over something about figuring out a way to do a cups of and balls routine with the ending being the cups being solid styrofoam. I don't remember, WELCOME TO THE CAFE!
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    The magic café is a two-class society. I witnessed that more than once.
    Before I go on I want to make clear that there´re people in the café I highly respect and they´re great and helpful people.

    I remember a thread where a cafe member reviewed a book of one of 'the forum heros' in the most fair way. He did go over every effect in detail and explained why he loved a particular effect or why not. He proved that he really dealt with the book in depth and not just flipped through it. His conclusion was that it wasn´t his cup of tea.
    End of story...he got banned right after that review. He never bashed anyone personally, but some of the 'special status' (NOT to be confused with the V.I.P.s !) member couldn´t bear him because of his opinion about a book of one of their 'gods'.
    How ridiculous is that?

    They have a great amount of excellent quality threads, but I still can´t stand that silly social behaviour (and the worst structure (who needs 3 millions of subforums) of any forum ever). Sometimes it reminds me of modern witch-hunting or a kindergarten.
    In that regard, T11 is maybe the most open-minded magic forum I´ve encountered yet.
  14. Start paragraphing
  15. Ahhh so you toe the company line, eh?

    If the antics of the Cafe's Gestopo were consistent and "guidelines" actually followed, then this would be a reasonable argument, that IS NOT THE CASE however. The site has a rediculously obsurd management team -- too many chiefs and not enough indians as we used to say. That is a very bright neon warning sigh that things aren't balanced and "proper".

    I know of a few celebrities on that forum who deliberately push the mark just because they know Jabba the Hut won't boot them... he can't without breaking his nose (because it's stuffed so far up their hind-side). The great Mullet started that site by harvesting membership lists from other forums (especially the KJMagic forum) and then whined about this and that chronic issue in his life so he could start generating an income. The "success" of the forum hasn't just kept him a bit more than flush, it's seemingly cured all those ails he had a decade back. . . except for his faith in Sarah Pallin and the radical right mode of anti-humanity politics, he still seems possessed by that demon.

    Then we can toss in the forum's long history of protecting known Pirates; everything from illusion builders that have been taken to court by Harrary and others for making knocking-off to the one's that hide behind the law, selling known knock-off props under the excuse that they aren't building them, just selling them. . . sorry, you're still lower than a snake's belly in my book

    But let's look at the plethora of members who deliberately "share" new releases. . . with Rick Maue I outed and exposed on of these groups a few years ago; caught the main culprit red handed... he's a part of the management team now. But there are others. . . too many coencidental incidents to ignore but hey, let's give'm a break. . .

    The Cafe is "practical" to anyone that has something to peddle, especially if you have repackaged an old bit in a new dress in order to exploit the amazing number of nieve members who DO NOT READ/STUDY the books they've been told to pick up and learn from.

    Yes, there is much that can be gained via the Cafe but like Wikipedia take what you find with a small Ukranian Salt mine and verify things via alternative sources. . . like books and personal experience. In order to get to the little gems that are shared there you must wade through mountains of tripe. If you're patient and good at having converstations off the main board with folks, you might luck into having a real world worker answer your questions, but you have to prove from the onset that you are not another newbie that just wants to knob around and ramble.

    Being able to market yourself is the first rule to any venture. The Cafe's marketing team has managed to sell more B.S. than a fertilizer company, which is one of the reasons so many think it is some kind of "authority", but look beyond the facade; talk to others that have been booted including the many individuals that have built up sites as the result of the Cafe's heavy handed and imbalanced tactics, there's at least a good dozen of them and most of them are headed up by good people.

    I understand the whole "guest in my home" thing, but as I said, it only works when things are the same for everyone and not just an excuse for those you don't want around for whatever reason.
  16. My problem with it is that it looks like it was designed by somebody with no taste at all. I have seen websites designed by 12 year old's that were easier on the eyes and easier to navigate than the Cafe. Which is incredibly sad, because the website should welcoming and easy to navigate. It's not hard to do that at all.

    And really do they even NEED a sub forum for literally everything out there. Just trying to find a review of something is confusing. Which bothers me because it's supposedly made by guys who know how to market themselves as entertainers. Yet they can't make a decent website.
  17. Huh, look at that. I suddenly find Brooks even more distasteful than I did before. The impossible has been made possible.

    Craig, as long as you're here perhaps you can confirm or deny a rumor for me. A few years back I heard about some shady dealing going around that ended in Leaping Lizards and Brooks having it out and LL pulling their ads from the site. I haven't been back to the cesspool in two or three years, so perhaps you could shed some light on this for me? If I'm going to hate someone, I'd like to make sure it's for something that they actually did.
  18. ::atmovie casts Thread Necromancy!::
    ::It's super effective!::

  19. Damn. . . I ate a SPAM sandwich last night and this morning I'm finding it all over the place.
  20. I'm not familiar with this incident, Steerpike. Given the plethora of pirates on that forum having problems with publishers wouldn't surprise me in the least. What I know about the two you mention is that several noted personalities warned me to never publish through Leaping Lizards, which is safe to say considering how big a chunk they take on their end vs. what the author pockets (classic publisher's horse pucky explanations). While Dean has always been good to me, I've found it best to not mix business with him.

    L&L has a long standing & positive reputation. . . there's got to be some reason why they majority of working pros rely on them, Kaufman and one or two other key publishers that have been around for years. While I still laugh at the classic L&L "Rent a Crowd" audiences and I still have some of the same reservations with them as I would any other publisher of magic, I at least trust them and to date, have never heard a bad word ever said about them and how they operate. To me, that indicates that they like to take the higher ground with things and leaving the Cafe is proof of that ethos.

    I have to admit that I'm a bit dismayed over my buddy Bill Palmer and his role with things over there. He's always been kind to me when we weren't on the cafe but rather, the old Ted Lesley forum. Unless he's been drinking the cafe kool-aid, I can't see him being an active part of the Gestapo attitude there.
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