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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RyanOchs, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. I was playing around with Watermark today, and thought it would be cool if you could combined Watermark with Burn by Daniel Madison. It is a nice idea for those of you who have burn. The finale result looks very nice.

    Thanks, Ryan
  2. I performed this the other day with an unusual twist.

    They knew I was a magician and asked me to show them a trick. I replied "How about a miracle?"

    I "borrowed" a napkin, "blessed it" and laid it in a small puddle....


    Talk about hard hitting!
  3. I'm a little curious how you somehow get a detailed picture to appear.:confused:

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    I'm guessing it would be similar to carving out a pumpkin at Halloween. Some people can do some mighty fine pieces of art, despite it essentially being a silhouette.

    Edit: Here is an example of a Jesus silhouette (ignore the background). Definitely more than possible to do it. :)
  5. I pray you did this with respect to the people
  6. My girlfriend is a VERY talented artist. I had her make up the "gimmick" if you will, for me.

    I certainly did this with respect to the people. It was a casual performance for some friends.
  7. ha ha, terrible. You could sell it:
  8. I once saw an autographed picture of Jesus on eBay, I didn't bid, the shipping was outrageous.

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