Weekly Magic Failure?

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  1. I know but how often does one get to use the line from Star Trek about Shakespeare is better in the original Klingon?
  2. Touche. :)
  3. A couple things: One I have hung out with Roland when I was in Germany. He's a nice guy who is actually pretty creative. He also works. He also cares about magic which is why he does what he does.

    Sometimes to get people to think or pay attention to something you have to challenge them. Sometimes the way to do that is through negativity. (It seems to have worked. Here are a bunch of guys talking about him and his website on an internet forum.)

    Some might say it's easy to complain from the sidelines but I don't see you doing anything better. He is putting himself and his opinions out there (and not anonymously) to point out the ludicrous nature of our art. I feel it needs to be done sometimes. We can't just be like "Oh magic is so good all of the time and hey it's ok if you suck and we give you money etc etc". Someone has to take a stand and take the flack. Just because he doesn't have a "name" on this side of the world doesn't invalidate his views anymore than it does yours.

    Also Germans are D!@#s.... (I'm kidding, that was just for Roland)
  4. Yes. I should also say, because I forgot to earlier, I trade emails with Roland from time to time. He private blog, invite only, is great and you can really see how much he loves magic and how much work he puts into the art. Also for those who keep saying he is a nobody look at the Dec 2013 issue of Magic http://www.magicmagazine.com/2013/december/contents.html There you will find a write up about him and his theater.
  5. Woah, Bizzaro came to my thread... What an honour! :D Seriously!
  6. Ok. Fair enough. I can admit when I'm wrong and it seems here I am. To Roland: I apologize for assuming you were just jealous.

    However, I still have no time for such negativity in my life so I will continue not reading this particular source of it.

    So, peace out. I have nothing else to add to this conversation.

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