Welcome to theory11, card artists!

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  1. Finally I can say it:

    Welcome to theory11, card artists!

    I see you stumbled across the forums and, most importantly, the Cardistry/Flourishing forum! (I might be a bit biased.)

    A lot of people have been really busy on a lot of different things (some spent countless sleepless nights to make things right), and it's produced what you see today (with tons more on the way). I also want to say congratulations to JB, Chris, Wayne, Dana, and the rest of the theory11 artists for making this happen.

    If you don't know what cardistry is yet...

    cardistry is (briefly) the artistic manipulation of playing cards with no magical purpose. Think triple armspreads, 6-handed cuts, quintuple Cobra Cuts, 0.35 second Sybils. Check these amazing cardistry videos from people like you, made back while Decknique was in its peak.

    If you haven't finished exploring yet, I suggest you check out all these theory11 exclusives:
    • The new Bicycle Guardians playing cards.
    • The 1-on-1 section to learn from the pros.
    • If magic is your thing, there are several tricks already available and tons of incredible stuff on the way.
    And of course, do I have to mention the media section? (Doesn't this look familiar?) Yup, Decknique has moved in with theory11 to help create this huge, amazing website that we hope you dig.

    And most of all, enjoy!

    There's a lot in store for you in theory11 and a lot for you to enjoy. The pros aren't only here by name, there is tons of exclusive footage that is just waiting to come out the door. That's one great thing about theory11: the community and the pros are together at last!

    Post up! Welcome! Introduce yourself! And I'll see you around.

    - Richard
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  2. I'm glad the site is up. You've all done a great job, I can't wait to see what this becomes. ;)

    I had no idea, dude. Even though it said Decknique was more involved than it knew, I didn't know that YOU were in on it! :D

    And during the Theory11 intro video, I heard Bayme talk about the Media section and I thought "that sounds a lot like Decknique...", turns out it kind of is! :D

  4. Oh Vinny Vinny Vinny...

    I saw it coming :p
  5. Of course Richard was in on it. We got the best of the best. Remember? ;)
  6. I can't wait to hone my Cardistry skills =], I've only started a little while ago with XCM and this site is sure to boost my skils, great job again all of you and can't wait for all the features to be up and running.
  7. i just joined decknique and now have to i come here. ah well. the site layout is nice and there are more people i guess. :)

    but we need more smilies. :D
  8. Richard ! =D
  9. Moved to theory11 (me, retardarts under a new username yay)!

    For some reason I'm quite a website retard. Have to visit more to get used to the new environment. :)

    Btw, the Bicycle Guardians look really awesome!
  10. i kind of figured you would be in on this Richard .. but i had no idea up to what degree... cant wait for the things to come in the future :)
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    Awesome , we have a cardistry section XD...I am kind of excited about decknique uniting with theory11... :) I think Richard has made a wise decision!!

    Alright for those who do not know me... I am a female cardist :), nationality: russian...my name is Kate...some call me BaByCat ... as it's my "nick name" around forums lol... and "XD" is my favourite smiley...so yeah XD, I can't wait to see what this site has to offer in the media section :)!!

    congratz to the entire theory11 staff...very well built site and the design is cute hehe yeah

    alright take care,

    *EDIT: I did not know that decknique was going to close...so I'm not as excited as I was...:( *
  12. Nice to see you here!

    And yes, I am happy there is a Cardistry section here too.
  13. I had a sneaky feeling that, "Hmm, I have no idea why decknique is involved" was a bit fishy...
  14. Alright, so I am here. ;)

    I'm really curious how things will turn out here, it looks great with such a massive interface and everything already. :)

    - Ling.
  15. Still confused on whats going on at the moment since I forgot about this whole thing and just remembered right now...
    Hopefully this will turn out great.
  16. This is great Richard!
  17. I'm here let's hope this turns out to be something amazing.
  18. It is amazing, you mean.
  19. Awesome, Well Card Manipulation is The Bomb If you Have'nt tried it go watch some video's from decknique. Perhaps 'virtuso' and my personal fav Spring jam 1, then when you are inspired pick up a deck. click tutorials and learn. Then go over to the tricks section go down to the trilogy and click 'get me'.

    Peace out.
  20. It's great to see that we just made the next step!

    Hope for some hot videos soon...

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