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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by richard, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Wow! This will be a new place to stay in... a section for flourisher! :D
    I haven explore finish the whole site.. :p
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    ............. o.o ..................
  3. You better keep posting Richard Please don't dissappear. Btw Im JAMOS on decknique
  4. Love the look and feel of the site, the forums seem nice and professional and the effects rleased so far are amazing, as well as the guardians. With all the hype that was built, I had no clue what was coming, and this seems great, amazing work guys....
  5. I am definitely not leaving :) I will continue staying on especially to keep developing the media system, and I'll be working to try and help make sure cardistry gets the recognition it deserves, to get the word out, and to set things straight.

    As far as I'm concerned there's been a lot of confusion (albeit exciting) about the whole thing, and I think part of the next step is clearing that up.
  6. wow t11 has really got the best in the business for this site
  7. It's time to start a new let's go boys
  8. Hi new here, i hope i can get started on flourishing again here as i stopped messing with cards like a year ago. I hope the community here would be similar to the one at decknique as most members are from there.
  9. Bravo Richard and everyone else involved. My only skepticism at this point is the rather high bar set for video migration from Decknique. For instance, Let's take Jamz Sybil into account. I like this cut, and learned it from an excellent tutorial on Decknique. With the 4.5 rating requirement for migration, that video won't make it into the merger, and I feel like a lot of good material will be lost with a requirement like this. I mean, I can understand why people wouldn't want 2 star videos migrated, but if something has a 3.9 rating...it just seems like a lot of content will be lost....

    Otherwise, great work all!
  10. If the video isn't on Theory 11, the person's always free to re-submit their video and it may be posted. It was just a for a big bang of a start.
  11. crap, I wanted to learn Jamz Sybil too. Mike, you didn't save it by any chance didja?
  12. It's still on Decknique for the time being. And if you had a video posted on Decknique that's not currently on t11, it may be in the content queue -- or just go ahead and re-submit it anyways.
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    I didn't DL the video, actually. I sat on DN and worked on the cut until I memorized it. I guess I should have started an archive of vids that I liked, but I figured I would just use the ones on DN. ;)

    That cut gets some crap from people, due to a heavy top packet needed to feed the cut for any length of time, but I found working on it helped me with my quick packet grabbing accuracy, as I tried to snag the smallest sub-packets I could for the initial three rotations...

    Richard: I see, I thought the 4.5 rating was a standard for any video to be added from the archive from here on out. I thought perhaps if that video got re-submitted, it would get refused or something. Thanks for correcting :)
  14. wait... so there is still a media section on DN?

    OH MY GOD I just went back to the media page and looked for tutorials and they are all there!

    I take back every bad thing I said about T11 because it was just a bad reaction to my favorite site DeckNique going away!

    If the tutorials are all there, and will continue to be there, then I was totally wrong and I apologize!!!

    Richard, please, if you are ever thinking of taking down the "tutorial" media section can you post first? I mean I would be willing to donate to pay for server bandwidth and I think others would too. The tutorial section is one of the reasons that DeckNique is the best cardistry website evAR!
  15. All videos rated 4.5+ make an appearance on theory11, though some are still in the content queue while a bug is being fixed.

    But t11 will still accept cardistry tutorials -- so if people submit new tutorials (or old tutorials they had on DN, for that matter) they could be posted on t11 as well.
  16. That is awesome news.

    Could I still post a tutorial on DN, without it making its way over here (are the tutorials being brought over to T11 as well is my question)
  17. I'm not accepting new submissions on Decknique anymore. If you want to post a video it's best that you submit it to theory11.
  18. thanks for the info, that's all I needed to know. learning "jamz sybil" right now :D
  19. FLetch! We should post our video on here aswell!


    it is up to you man, i don't mind!

    CARD manipulation iS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    not to mention CHICKS DIG IT...
  20. ah, erm, I dont think so.... heh theory11 ... I like the members (go n00b power!) but i dont like the corporate-driven mentality and the fact that decknique got jacked.... off topic i suppose... maybe somewhere here we could at least post a link to the video on www.cardiste.com ? LOL maybe we should actually film it first.

    pray for good weather this sunday... ;)

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