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  1. Welcome! :)

  2. Hey! this its my first comment on the forum, my name is Albert and I am very excited to start in the world of cardistry, y hope i can learn from your amazing videos on the wire and improve with your comments and tips on the forum. I invite you to check my first cardistry video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyb1B4WKVec any opinion will be apriciated! and by the way do you have any recommendation on a cool kind of flicker? I just love those kinds of moves.
  3. Very nice video, especially for your first. About a flicker: I know Zach Mueller has one out on the wire for free.
  4. thanks! just seen it, its a great flicker the small variation from the classic makes it look more complicated visually and also the part in which he throws it in the air, already working on it ;)
  5. Hi everyone, my name is louis I've
    Been doing cardisrty and magic for about a year now. By joining the wire I'm hoping to vastly improve my
    Skill technique and fluidity, also I'm hoping to make so new friends along the way, would love to get together with some fellow cardists.
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out :)
  7. As a fan of LOST, I wouldn't have found this website without J.J. Abram's deck, which looks fabulous!
    Hello fellow theorists ( :
  8. Hey Guys, I am new to cardistry and magic but I'm having trouble learning flourishes and stuff because my hands are tiny. Could someone link me to an easy video to start. THANKS
  9. Hey Silasimo, welcome to the forum!

    Flourishes are hard whatever size your hand. Don't be put off by this as you will get them down like everyone who takes this path and sticks with it. I have very large hands and some flourishes have been quite the challenge for me, however, after putting in the practice to learn them properly and not trying to rush by going through the motions slowly, it gets much easier and speed comes with time.

    • Daryl's Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes
    • Royal Road to Card Magic has nice basic flourishes
    • The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes

    just to name a very small few (there are many out there) as a starting place are good options.

    Personally I am a fan of Jeff McBride's 'Art of Card Manipulation'


    'Genesis v1'
    by theory 11 artist Andrei Jikh, that you can find here:


    Just start out by trying some basic flourishes and slowly moving to the next level, you may not quite be on the same playing field as people with larger hands, but having small hands it's by no means a handicap.

    Good luck and have fun!

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  10. First of all, don't ever give in to the 'big hands/small hands'. That's the quickest way to quit cardistry altogether. I have small hands. You'd be surprised what you can actually do.

    Look on Youtube for Charlier cut, Revolution Cut, and Scissor Cut. Those will be your baseline beginner stuff as you need to build up hand dexterity.

    From there, learn whatever looks interesting to you
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  11. I thought hand size would matter in terms of learning the basic cuts and the fundamentals of cardistry. It doesn't. I have really small hands and I thought it would be near impossible to do all the crazy stuff I see Andrei do. Once I met Andrei in person I found out that we have the exact same size hands, so I had no more excuses. Granted, people with bigger hands will be able to do things a tiny bit easier, but everyone has to practice. With the time and dedication you are willing to put in to learning the basics, you will be able to do the more difficult stuff without hesitation. We all run into roadblocks when starting out; don't let your small hands be one of them! Keep pushing and putting in the effort and you will see immediate results.
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  12. Thank you guys so much for being so helpful! :)
  13. It's our pleasure!

    Have a good time with it and when you learn a few things be sure to post some videos here showing off your skills!

    || Steven
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  14. I'm just starting out in cardistry. I have sybil down and a few other rudimentary stuff like springs, fans(which need work), and deck and packet flips. Any flourishes that you all would recommend I start with beyond sybil? I appreciate it!!
  15. I don't think there really is a linear path to follow. Just search about and see if any flourishes catch your eye--then learn it.

    Heck, if you wanted to immediately go to 'Cylinder', by all means! Nothing should stop you
  16. So what I've decided to do is work on one magic trick, one flourish and one variation of the card twirl at a time until i can't get them wrong. I also spend some time trying to improve my anaconda flourish because who doesn't want to be able to do the anaconda. lol
  17. Good on ya! Press forward, good man!
  18. Hey guys...I'm searching for any cardists/magicians in vienna, Austria.

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