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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by richard, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Hey card artists,

    Welcome Vinnie C. as the first moderator of the theory11 cardistry forum (and consequently the first moderator on theory11)! He was a moderator on Decknique and did a great job over there. Along with the switch over I've added him without hesitation as a moderator here on theory11. I think you'll find he does his best to keep the peace, is an understanding person, and has been around long enough and throughout different communities, which will help in theory11's goal of unity.

    And I'm sure the rest of you will appreciate some moderators finally showing up to restore order!
  2. Congrats, Vinnie!
  3. Thanks, Richard, for your VERY kind words! :D

    Thanks, Ling! :D

    Glad to be helping out, I will do my best! :D

  4. Great job Vinnie...

    Attention, clean up in post #125

  5. Coolness, maybe I will give this theory 11 a shot after all... if vinnie promises to slap me when I get negative :D
  6. You know I will. ;)

    Thanks again, guys. :D

  7. Vinnie is the best man for this job.

  8. Congratz Vinnie .. i knew you would be a good candidate for moderator here at Theory11 :)
  9. Dang Vinnie is there any site you don't mod? lol
  10. Congrats Vinnie, sure you'll do a fine job! :D
  11. Do you get paid? Your definitely good enough too.
  12. Is there any Cardistry related Forum in which Vinnie is NOT a Moderator?! xD

  13. Thanks everyone for the support and kind words! :D

  14. Congrats Vinnie :)

    I have been a mod on a site for years. Fun stuff!
  15. It sure is fun, thanks bro! :D

  16. Go Vinnie go!
  17. Congratulations man, I always enjoy reading your posts, either they're filled with tips and philosophy to help out others, or just another post filled with a joke, it makes reading it more enjoyable, congratulations sir :)
  18. Glad to have you on board Vinnie. Your initiation ceremony will be held in Kenner's bunker. We're all going to stand in a circle and throw Jerry's at you.

    On a side note: If I were to be beaten, I'd want it to be done with Jerry's.
  19. hey vinnie great to see you here good luck happy to have you

    yeah i agree and if your still thinking about that heist count me in i could take down the chimpanzees
  20. "There's.... there's just too many! We can't hold them back for long. Remember.... remember this face Kenner. This is not the last of us."

    // 11
    :: Coming Soon to theaters everywhere

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