What Are You All Working On?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TylerScottIllusionist, May 21, 2016.

  1. That's awesome! We just wrapped up shoots for both my new release I'm working on as well as a short film I've been wanting to make for a while. I'm very excited to be publishing both soon.
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  2. Working on an original flourish... actually, I made 10 original flourishes that I might release somewhere, maybe the wire. I'm tweaking them, trying to get em to look smoother. Also I'm learning most of the moves on Dan and Dave's 'The Trilogy'. Should keep me busy until school starts.
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  3. This thread is quite interesting!

    I just recently finished writing out all my close up material. Once I decide to stop procrastinating I'm going to write them into sets. All the while I've been working towards writing a one man show as well as a "pack flat" 25-35 minute show. I'm having an insanely hard time with this whole "character building" thing. I know what routines I like but I just can't pin point what exactly I want to say and how I want people to perceive me. I think 'funny' is the only thing I'm sure of.

    As far as sleights go, I've been working on Davids Cull which is proving to be pretty damn fantastic!

    I've been posting a LOT more than usual on Instagram which is super rad (plug) and to top it all off, I've been slowly digging through Mastering The Art of Magic by Eugene Burger which is a SUPER good book thus far (in case you were wondering).
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  4. I have been still working on my 'Electric From Air' trick. I want to make it for stage show, with several bulbs.

    I am working on Humpty Dumpty, a version of imp bottle with internal gimmick.

    I made a different version of Twisted Deck of Paul Harris without box. I made it with three cards.

    Another thing I made, is a fake photo camera which I made it from a Bicycle Foto Grafis playing card deck tuck box for myself. I want to use it for mental card tricks.
  5. Just released this little gem. :)

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