What cards do you guys use?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by The Dark Angel, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. What cards does everyone here like to use?
    What are the ones that you use on a regular basis?
    Do you have some that you like to use to show off with?

    Personally, I use regular Bike's for practice and the White and Silver Bikes anytime I show tricks to people.
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  2. i have a large collection of cards

    tally hos
    and my fav guardians on the way

    i use my normal bikes and steamboats for practice and i use my splitspades and E decks to show off but now i will use my guardians for performances
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  3. Masters
    Mavericks (only when absolutely necessary)
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  4. I use red bikes and some blue here and there.

    I have a black tiger deck, and a masters which was given as a gift, they're put away now because they're old and unusable.

    I have a deck of lack backed bikes as well which were given as a gift...those I use exclusively for one trick, known as the "Underground Vanish"

    I also want to get my hands on some tally ho's (Can't find them anywhere)
    Some guardians too and maybe some Jerry's, if I can find them very cheap somewhere by chance...
  5. I use regular bikes and sometimes masters.
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  6. I like to use Vintage Bikes for performances, mainly because I like the look of them. I use regular Bikes to practice with and occasionally perform with. I prefer using Studs to perform though, because the finish is nicer in my opinion, and they seem to last longer than normal Bikes. I am pretty pumped about getting me some Guardians though. :)
  7. Tally Ho Vipers all the way. The only good thing to come out of E.
  8. Ghosts
    And soon *evil chuckle* Shadow masters And my guardians.
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  9. Hi guys
    I use tally's for regular practise and i find that ghosts last for ages and are very good to perform with.
  10. I have:

    Tons of Bicycles (Red, blue) 50 or so of them.
    Tally Ho's (Red, Blue, Vipers, both back designs)
    Split Spades
    Black Tigers
    Series 1800's
    A couple of vintage decks
    A couple of masters, (both red and blue)

    And probably more I can't think of.

    For performance I either use Red / Blue Tally Ho's or Bikes. If I know the person I'll use Black tigers or Vipers. The reason being, if the spectator sees an awkward deck or cards, he or she will usually think it is gimmicked in some sort of way, even if it isn't.
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  11. shadow masters

    hi heard of these decks but not seen them anywhere they are called shadowmasters... if anyone could pm me a link showing me them or something i would like to see them thanks
  12. I can't wait for my Guardians to come.
    These babies are going to be so sick!
  13. make sure to take some pictures...

    I think I'm going to start collecting cards, not sure, but I may...
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  14. I hate to sound like I'm hopping on a band wagen here, but honestly I think that I'll be using the Gaurdians exclusively depending on how they feel. They already look great, so once I test em' out I'll be able to say it with more security.

    Before then, however, I stuck to Masters.

    Shane K.
  15. guardians

    Just ordered six guardians today should be coming by friday can't wait i hope they feel as good as the look gonna be sweet
  16. I love using Jerry's or Tally Ho's...
  17. I usually just use regular red and blue rider bakc bicycle, for now. If thes Guradian cards are really somthing I might just use these instead.
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  18. I've said it before, but no harm in saying it again:

    I'll be posting reviews the day that I get it so that we can have reviews up soon.(Unless I get it late at night, in which case the review will be the next morning)
  19. just bikes. but i ordered some guardians for my own amusment
  20. sounds good, maybe you'll get the title of first T11 member to buy guardian cards
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