What cards do you guys use?

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  1. why restore them?
  2. its fun.....
  3. I use Tally-Ho and Bicycle Rider Backs for practice.

    For performances i use...i use all the decks i have:) (Shadows, Ghost, Guardians, 1800´s, Vipers, Maia´s, Tally-Ho (black) etc..) i just pick up one and go!
  4. Depends.

    I like using the "specialty" cards ie. vipers, ghost, tiger ect. but only for cardistry with a little magic thrown in. If I'm planning to go out to perform magic just a pack of bikes. There is something to be said for just using regular bikes when doing magic. One of the first thing people will accuse you of when using specialty decks is that it was a trick deck. Which in my opinion takes away from the effect. We are supposed to be doing extraordinary things with ordinary objects. Why do you think the gimmick for distortion comes in either red or blue bike backs.If their default reasoning for the effect is that is was a trick deck where is the magic? It then becomes the cards doing something incredible, not you. I've actually come back from doing magic at a party(using specialty decks) and had people say "Hey, do that trick with the trick deck!" I don't know about you but I'd rather be remembered for the magic I'm doing, not the cards I'm holding. Lets be honest guys. The only reason to use specialty decks is that "we" think it looks cool.
  5. i use golden nuggets to do the trick where the deck is thrown in water and 1 card floats, goes down well... :cool:
  6. I use whatever I open last... I buy every kind of cool deck searching for the one I want to use for the rest of my life. It's like a metaphor for relationships.
  7. I just use regular bicycle playing cards. At one point I used centurions but some people thought the cards were marked in some way, no matter how many times I let them examine the cards. LOL!
  8. Regular bikes, blue or red back, love 'em :)
    I like how ghosts, centurions and 1800's look good but the only cards like that I'll really use are Guardians. Guardians just look and feel amazing.
  9. I use:

    The regular Bicycles and Tally Ho's, Guardians, I used to have a Viper deck but they are completely worn. But soon I will use Smoke And Mirrors:D
  10. Wut I use

    I hav
    shadow masters
    black tigers
    1800 red
    tally hos
    for practice i usually use bees because there isnt any white border so if i dont flash myself to myself then i no my trick is ready but for real performances i use my masters and shadow masters
  11. usually i use Tally-Ho No.9 .......but sometimes i use rider back bycicle:D:cool:
  12. I use blue masters ( because i stocked up when they were half price for 24 hrs). Some times i use bicycle pro poker peek because they look classy.
  13. Is it this one?


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    i like the linoid finish on tallys so i use them the most. splitspades lions when im feeling wealthy and whenever i feel like a million bucks (18 bucks where im from :) ), centurions when im feel like impressing a certain type of audience (girls hahaha :p ), guardians whenever i do any tricks which involves aces (the ace of spades from guardians looks nice. ) AND HOPEFULLY WHITE CENTURIONS SOON :) theory11 i swear if u start selling them like regular centurions ill only perform with them and ill buy in bulk hahaha.
  15. regular bikes!
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    I use:
    1. Ellusionist Ghost for performances, that includes all the ghost decks including gaff, invisible, stripper, svengali and rising card decks.
    2. I practice with regular bicycle rider backs, usually black ones
    3. the rest of my decks are only for collection purpuses.
  17. Dang, lol. You people sure have some fancy cards.

    I just use my regular old bicycles.

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