What cards do you guys use?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by The Dark Angel, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. I try not to use my own deck.....IF the venue or spectators have cards, I'll use their cards, otherwise, either red or blue backed Bicycles.
  2. I practice with red and blue normal bicycles. I'll do flurishes with black tigers and shadow masters, but the ones I use when peforming are red and blue Masters
  3. my favorite cards

    My favorite cards are black tigers and shadow masters
  4. are steamboats or squeezers any good?
  5. I use Tally's for everything.
  6. Shadow Masters, Ghosts and black tigers are my favorite.
  7. I got a brick of blue and red wynns and theyre awesome, I powdered the open ones, so they fan amazingly. I also have on centurion, but they're not extremely broken in yet (when everyone says they get good).
  8. I go through card phases, so I have tons of different decks. Right now I really like the Bicycle Vintage series, especially Red Fan Backs. Racer Backs and League Backs are excellent as well.

    I think my previous phase was Split Spades Lions (blue), and before that I wouldn't touch anything other than Red Rider Backs.

    I also use Tallys, Wynns, WPT Diamond Backs, Absoluts, Aladdins, and Jerrys very soon.

  9. I play about with a few different decks - Wynns, various casino cards, standard Bees, "bumble-bee" Bees, Richard Turner's Gamblers, Absoluts, Studs etc., but my current favourites are Arrco US Regs. I find they don't need much in the way of breaking-in, and are in a condition to perform straight out of the box.

    My Ellusionist decks are right at the back of the drawer, and I don't think will see the light of day again.
  10. Bicycle Masters, usually. Then i also use Ghosts, Tally-ho circle backs and Fourniers.
  11. I now use Arrcos US Regulations. And sometimes bikes.
  12. I use red bikes and some blue here and there.
  13. Guardians, ghosts, and regular blue is what I usually pack.
  14. Normally, I just use masters or tallys interchangeably.

    I might pick up a pack of guardians once in a while :p
  15. I always have at least 2 decks one me:

    1st is ALWAYS Shadow Masters
    2nd is usually either Tigers or Ghosts
    3rd is the other one
    4th is 1800s until i wear them out (i'll occasionally buy them)
    5th is Vipers until i wear them out (then i won't buy them again)

    and i use Masters for practice

    gonna try Guardians and Split Spade Lions soon, and i'll add them to the list if i like them.
  16. bikes mainly for practice and tally ho's for performance
  17. Bikes if I'm doing something that involves signatures, tearing, and all other methods of destroying a card.

    I fell in love with New Fan Backs, and I've been using those nonstop. I also really like Tally Ho FanBacks. Kev got me into Aladdins and I've come to like them a lot. In a few weeks I'll probably add Jerrys and Arrco US Regs to this list.

  18. Wynns for flourish
    Tally ho for magic
  19. business cards
  20. i practice with bikes and jerry's.

    i also perform with jerry's, and once in a while i do a torn and restored with them.

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