What cards do you guys use?

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  1. When do you know your cards are not fit to use for tricks?

    I am new to magic. I can't seem to tell if there is a break in period with a deck of cards used for magic or when they are not fit to use. Some cards are better to use for slieghts because they bend easier. How do know when they are not usable anymore
  2. it's best to use normal red or blue bikes to reduce suspicion
    and Tangoking they are not usable when you can't fan right, but I don' waste money so I say that they are not usable when they don't fit in the box (they don't thumb fan right, but you can pressure fan pretty even fans) plus with a deck you thought is worthless if you leave it somewhere for like 3 days it will become good again because all the moist will evaporate from it
  3. Tally's! why? because they rule
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  5. For some reason I find all my the "custom" Bicycle Decks repulsive. I only like the silver bikes. I've probably already posted here, but what the heck, I've made a few changes.

    Right now I prefer to use Aladdins, Tallys, and red and blue Bikes as my standard cards. Masters are also nice. Mavericks are good for flourishing as they stay togther well, but other than that they are horrible for everything. On the topic of "custom decks", I own a Ghost deck (been sitting in my drawer for some time unused), A Viper Deck, and 1st and 2nd Ed. Guardians. I don't really like to use them as they look "gimmicked". If you know where to pick up some Aladdins I suggest you do so, as I believe the finish is nicer than Bikes and they are better to look at.

  6. If my spectators think my cards are gimmicked by using custom cards, I will just shove my cards up their face and say, WHERE IS THE GIMMICK? YEAH THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!! and run away from getting arrested.
  7. Personally i think that using certain cards for practice compared to performance is not smart.
    One, the cards you practice with will be broken in more, so inturn that could throw off your peformance. what you need to do is find a brand or type you like and tick with them. I use Bicycles myself, but i have found that Tally Ho's are thicker and more usefull for certain tricks.
  8. Practice Cards- Reg. Bikes, Bees, Murphy's, Aviators.

    Performance- Ghost deck usually, Masters, then Tigers.

    I have about 50 different types of decks but most of them are collectors.
  9. i use all of the bikes i got
  10. I practice and perform with Regular 808s red and blue, and circle back TH9s red and blue.
    I have a deck of blue Masters a friend gave me but I have yet to use them in performance.
  11. Well when I'm at school I usually use plain old rider back bikes because that's what we play poker with. However I do sometimes carry around Tally-Ho Fan backs because I absolutely love them! One time I was performing with a deck of league backs and I did a mental trick where I predicted someone's card after they chose it and shuffled the deck themselves and they were like "Oh maybe the number of spokes on the wheels has something do with it." Nope, sorry. Maybe next time.
  12. depends, for magic, normal bikes and ghosts. and for flourishing and thread work i would use tigers or viper because they are black
  13. Mainly normal bikes--I use ghosts from time to time, probably start using guardians if they are half as good as people who review them say they are (bicycle makes some pretty nice cards and the artists that run this site have high standards...so I'm sure they're nothing short of amazing.)
  14. I only use Blue Tally´s. Circle and Fan back.
  15. Bicycle Riders
    Tally Circle Back
    Split Spades
    Aladdin 1001
    Studs (old)
    Guardians (2nd editions)
    Bees (rarely used, only for gambling demonstrations)
  16. I tend to use either Vintage or Ghost, though I will use plain Bikes when performing for family.
  17. Normal bikes... Always. So cheap and affordable. Best quality there is for the price!

  18. Mainly normal bikes
  19. Cards

    Regular Riderback 808 Bike
    Tally-Ho #9

    Love the 1800's for the look of the cards.
    Then Master Decks.

    I genrally don't use the Master's or Tigers or Ghosts for anything other than practice. no particular reason.
  20. Use Bee Cards for productions. They're thinner, therefore you can hold more of them.

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