What do you do with the jokers?

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What do you do with the jokers?

  1. I'm keeping them in the deck

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  2. I throw them away ASAP!

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  1. I get rid of them. Makes a deck fitter.
  2. I often remove them when practicing, but if I know I will be in a situation where I may be asked to perform, I will keep them in the deck. They're actually a great excuse to (secretly) cull multiple cards to the back of the deck whilst in the disguise of up-jogging and removing them. Before setting them down, you can also plant an indifferent card face-down between them and set them to the side. Any time you wish to go into a sandwich routine a few effects down the line, they'll swear you never went near the Jokers - yet there's one card in between. :)

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  3. I dont use them when practicing, but i do keep them just in case..
  4. I keep them in the deck so I can remove them when culling force cards after a spectator shuffle, I also use them for a deck switch technique from card college.
  5. Honestly, I add them all up and make a whole deck out of them to practice cardistry.
    Takes a whole lot of decks to get a full set of jokers though

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