What do you think good patter would be for Distortion?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by fraud, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Honestly, I like the mistake approach with this one. And I actually came up with a really cool ending to do with Distortion....which I won't tell =).

    I'll post a video of it if/when it works. It's just in my mind right now.
  2. Show them shapeshifter. And say it was a morph at light speed. And then do distortion and say here's how i did it in slow mo.:D
  3. I love the way you think brother. That's funny.
  4. My patter for Distortion fits right in with my quote, "Life is all an Illusion. Things are not always what they appear to be at first. Watch." Then do Distortion and watch everyones reactions. Then I will probably go into some weird psychological magic, as I like to call it.
  5. Anything physchological and what-not scares the crap outta spectators. I've had people call me the devil when I've performed Stigmata, I'm sure this will mess with peoples minds as well, can't wait for my order :D


    hurrah for 200 posts
  6. Say something like "how your eyes can sometimes trick your mind, now watch it carefully as your mind comes into focus of the card."
  7. I dont know if this has been said and the mechanics of the trick may get in the way of it but I would probably do a twirl change and then say "if you want to REALLY see it happen then watch closley" then do distortion. Is the card examinable afterwards?
  8. That sounds kinda cool, I'd do dan and dave's rotated the trick, in the five notes followed by Distortion. by god that'd be like ebony and ivory :O

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