What do you think good patter would be for Distortion?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by fraud, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. i was thinking last night of different ways I could present distrotion. I was thinking of first doing the regular card changing places trick and then say somthing like "ok now I am going to show you how I did that" then procide with distortion and while they are freaking out walk away.

    what do you think? please post patter ideas you have
  2. Maybe try to explain that the more you shake a card, the force can actually mold the ink, or something along those lines.

    Or if you want to take a different approch explain how what they see is not actually there just a figment of their imagination, and as they give you the look like "what are you talking about" you change the card and explain that what they saw...was not really there, and then continue.

    Just some ideas, I usually come up with mine when I learn the effect and I haven't yet purchased it, but from what I've seen this is what I came up with, hope it helped :)
  3. Here is my patter for it. You can use it if you want to. P.S. it may be true.

    "On October 18th, 1943, The US navy under went a secret project, called project rainbow, but more known as the Philadelphia Experiment.

    The few that saw what happened on that day will never forget it. The US navy made the destroyer escort USS Eldridge, vanish, and appear some where in Philadelphia. In other words they teleported a ship. Don't believe it? here, let me show you."

    Its going to be something like that.
  4. hmmm....a good patter line???...ok I got it. Are You Watching Closely?lol

    There are so many ways to present this effect. Good luck. Great Thread.
  5. Make something up about this is how Magicians REALLY change a card from one card into another.
  6. I like to use this Patter: " Okay now I am going to show you something along the lines of hypnosis...I am going to make you see things that arent real. Here pick a card....etc. then act disappointed when you find the 4 and then," Okay I will show you what i was talking about. I want you to concentrate on the pips and they will start to move...no really this is actually happening. Here go ahead and look at the card in your hand." and so on
  7. distortion

    that would be the patter that I would use in performance. I gtd that when you perforn this effect, people would scream :D
  8. Hmm, I'll think of one once I recieve my product, which I hope is soon it looks so sick ='[ Anything Wayne does is just golden.

  9. If you are in a bar or party setting, you could patter on how the police have devised a way to see if you have had to much to drink before driving. Start the effect and ask what card the see in your hand. As they are answering,they will see the card change right before their eyes,have them check the card in their hands, and suggest that they take a cab home. Remember have fun with it.
  10. That's an awesome patter idea man, I can actually see myself using this one as
    sort of a funny "How easily can you get drunk?" test......

    To add equally good ideas to this already existing one,

    If you open with this, you can simply ask "How easily do you get drunk?" I think
    that's interesting enough to capture attention..... Regardless of what they say
    (Even if they say"I don't drink").... say "Well, let's find out.... I can give you an
    interesting test that involves absolutely no alcohol and that will tell me exactly
    how "sane" you can remain...." and then launch into the effect.

    Afterwards, as Jeremy mentioned, poke fun at them a bit that they should
    probably stay away from bars and alcohol if they want to maintain dignity.

    The only drawback to this sort of presentation is that, while it can VERY
    fun, it may not cause the "magic" that you may be aiming for. It depends on
    your purpose, theme (if you have one), and what you're planning to do for
    the rest of the performance.

    If you WANT to create a light, fun atmoshpere, use it. If you want to be
    mysterious, etc...... don't ;)


  11. Great added idea. I even think this type of effect can be done with little or no patter.
  12. I saw an effect where this guy made someone get drunk just by drinking water. If you know how to do that you can use this with that. To bad I don't know how to do it. I saw it in a book, but its just not my style, its basicly suggestion, so if your good at that you should be able to pull it off. I know Derren brown did it. You can youtube it and watch it.
  13. I think the best routine to do is by buying distortion and digital dissolve.

    You start by explaining about transposition, you then do the regular transposition (like distortion just the card is face down), then you show them what is happening when the card is face down, so you do distortion.
    For the big finish you say "well if I can do it with cards, do you think I can do it with coins" and then you preform digital dissolve.

    -The Illusionist
  14. Show a bunch of color changes, and when they are like oh howd you do that. Be like, here, ill go slow this time.
  15. I like to talk about Atoms and how every object is made up of atoms. If you could break down each atom and reconstruct them, you will be able to cause an object to teleport.

    Let me show you an example of this. If you look closely, you will see the atoms split before your eyes and reconstruct themselves. How I learned to control atoms is something I am not in liberty to talk about.

    Then do the trick.
  16. I would probably perform Here and There, and then state: "Now I'm going to show you how I did it" through Distortion.

  17. What I would do is try to act like Im a really bad magician. Maybe make a few mistakes when shuffling lighten the mood say, I'm not too good at this you know bare with me. Force them the six and such and say remember that and make sure I have no idea what it is. etc. Then go through and choose the rigged 4 of diamonds and make a huge deal about I have such a strong feeling there is no way I could be wrong (make yourself look bad) and then do the big reveal AND you suck. Then totally change the way you hand yourself and sound confident and say really well what if I told you that this is actually the six then they'd be like wtf. Then you do Distortion and amaze them and turn from horrible to amazing.
  18. I'm honestly just going to say: Watch the pips...

    It's that strong you can carry it virtually wordless.
  19. Get a bunch of pals to say, "No, I don't see anything." That would freak the living sh*t out of the guy who isn't in on it.
  20. great minds think alike I just couldnt remember the name was here and there

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