What do you think of my design?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by m.miller, Mar 30, 2008.

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  3. I love it, but I think it should have a border not just those 4 lines. Otherwise great design :D
  4. verry nice,

    i also think borders would be a great addition
  5. I really like the detail in the middle but I also think a nice border would be great!
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  7. Very nice indeed. I actually prefer the one without the border. It would be nicer if you change the "gear" in the middle to something else... something that matches more with the skulls and the leaves.

    Good job.
  8. I think that just a normal border would look awesome, and I think that the gear in the middle should have some more to it (just my opinion and what I like in the design of a card). But other than that it is awesome. You did a really good job and I would probably but that deck if it was released.
  9. The border looks great but I think the gray in the middle kidna makes everyhting blend together (in a bad way haha). Make it contrast more like making the gray white and i think it will look much better.
  10. which grey? you mean making all of the grey white? ill try it
  11. That new border makes it look awesome but it would be even better if the gear in the middle had more detail or something to match the rest of the card
  12. This back reminds me of Gears of War.
  13. I have all the sets of these and they're pretty cool. You gotta get even more creative since these tools are basically HANDED to you
  14. Try getting rid of the borders altogether, see if that looks good.
  15. personally I would buy those cards in a heart beat. However, a boreder would be nice. but either way they look good and if they have the same quality as bicyicle playing cards then I'd love them.

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